KylieJay’s🌻 Full Art Shop Examples List💗

This thread is not my actual art shop, you can view my art shop here! Please refrain from requesting anything on this thread, as it’s main purpose is to keep all of my art examples up to date and in one easy place for you to scroll through!
If you’re interested in something or have a question, please pm me or comment under my art shops thread! I have forms for everything that I offer, and we can discuss your vision further.
I do temporarily close my shop to catch up on work or simply to take a break and work on my own stories. I won’t deny requests while my shop is closed, all I ask is that you’re okay with waiting until I’m able to get to yours, however long that may take.

:sunflower: Thanks for checking my work out! :heartpulse::sunflower:

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Art created for MY stories (requested pieces will be listed below):

The following items were made by me as overlays for my stories.



not a request, but your art is stunning :pleading_face::pleading_face:



Ahw tysm :hugs::heartpulse:

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Woah these are amazing omg- May I ask what app you use? If that’s not a problem with you!

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lol no problem! I use a mixture of magic eraser, ibisPaint, PicsArt and Phonto, depending on what all I have to do for the edit :blush:


All your works are so good :pleading_face: I love your cover! suddenly I miss classic style


Thank you so much!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I always love reading classic stories looolll but that style is definitely the worst to edit! :sweat_smile:


I’m sorry this is off topic but can you recommend classic story thats completed? :sweat_smile: any genre would be fine. tysm!

I’ll send you a pm! Lol

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I really like the edits in this one! Can I get a tag when you re - open?

Sure :blush: I’ll add you to my list on my actual shop thread.

IMPORTANT: My shop is currently closed and I am not taking requests at the moment. Feel free to bookmark or ask to be put on a list if you don’t mind waiting. I’m not sure when I’ll start accepting new requests again (as I had to close due to difficulty in my personal life).


Your works are gorgeous :heart_eyes: I’ve so many pieces to request. Definitely gonna bookmark both threads and wait for you to be ready for taking requests. Till then have a good one :blush:

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A couple more things I’ve done over the last month.

Disclaimer: My shop is still closed. The last month of my life has been insane and I’m still trying to work on new episodes for my stories. Feel free to bookmark my shop or follow me on Instagram to know when I’m open again.



Outline cred: @/Theebee2004

Outline cred: @/Rosalinda.Episode

Outline cred: @/melaniesmall

Cover for @/melaniesmall CC

Disclaimer: No requests at the moment please, unless you have no deadline/rush and don’t mind waiting! Then I can add you to my list of people to tag when I reopen :sparkles: