Kyra's background and overlay request thread!

Hi, @Kyralynn! I am requesting a black screen overlay, where I can put a background behind it with a character. Also, I need an overlay with some driver seats to go in front of the black screen in a separate overlay. Kinda like a taxi screen. I hope you can do this. :slight_smile:

Your name: Dona
Instagram/forum username (either or both is fine): @Dona_H
Story name: BEWILDERED
Genre of story: Drama
Story description (1 sentence is fine): Anastasia Parker’s life is bewildering. It gets messy between her twin, BFF, and his brother.
Overlay you would like: A red blanket
Please describe what would happen in the scene you are using the overlay for: One of the male characters is laying in bed.
When do you need this by? Tomorrow maybe?
Any additional information: Birds eye view blanket, please!

Hey I’m currently writing my first story, I dont need you to create anything for me but, was hoping i could use some of the backgrounds/overlays you’ve posted on here? And i will obviously follow your rules.

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Ah amazing!! thank you so much :slight_smile: x

Hey Thorne!
I was just wondering if it would be okay for me to slightly edit one of your backgrounds to fit my scene better? (I would still credit you of course)
If it isn’t okay, that’s fine; I completely understand. Just wanted to ask though…

Ah, sorry,
Just double checked the terms of service…don’t worry about answering!
(I’ll make sure to credit you)

Do you have a desk overlay? (like a classroom one?) but not the episode ones, All the ones i’ve found are facing rearwards,

Your name: Kamille
Instagram/forum username (either or both is fine): Kamille.episodee
Story name: Right in Front of Me
Genre of story: romance/drama
Story description (1 sentence is fine): do you mean the synopsis?
Overlay you would like: bandaged torso
Please describe what would happen in the scene you are using the overlay for: my character was shot two times and I need his rib cage to be wrapped up
When do you need this by? If you can get it to me within a week maybe? I’m not sure how much time it takes you to make these kinds of things hah.
Any additional information: that is all

I’m in need of your help!!
I need a BRIDGE BACKGROUND AND a Caramel Drop Overlay

Oh I’m so happy I found this, I could really use your help! I need a very beautiful garden, with 4 zones- day and night background (I want to use it as my late mother’s garden) and could i also get a overlay of an open book . I’m wring Powerless Love (My story is about an UN-ordinary love, so unique that it makes you powerless) . (Hope you will understand me and if not I’m sorry if - I’m just not so good with explaining sometimes). And my user name is Apollonian. Thank you!!:grin:

AND i will be very happy to get it as soon as you can


Hey guys sorry for the late reply. My life has been hectic lately. I’ll spare you the details. Anyhoo, do you guys still need what you requested?

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@Dangrousdiva is ban from the forum

No worries at all, but yes I’m still in need (:

Totally fine, and yes please. :slight_smile:

Yes, could you are include a background of a bar where a barter could stand and serve and also a background of a box with a view of money,gun and passport. Thank you.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yea , kiinda in a hurry now almost done with chapter 3

Your name: Lucia
Instagram/forum username (either or both is fine): LuciaRicci
Story name: Regal
Genre of story: Action/Drama
Story description (1 sentence is fine): What’s worse than being caught in the crossfires of a criminal war? Being entangled in an even deadlier love triangle. (ugh sounds so cliche but I swear it’s not, it’s set in the 1920s lol)
Overlay you would like: If you could cut out the bar on the far right, that would be awesome. As you can see, I attempted to cut out the bar myself in the second photo, but after seeing your work, I’m positive you can do way better than that, haha.

Please describe what would happen in the scene you are using the overlay for: I would like to have a character act as the bartender and stand behind the bar while another character stands in front of it and orders a drink.
When do you need this by? Literally whenever is convenient for you, I’m not in a hurry at all.
Any additional information: Thank you so much!

I’d be so thankful if you could find me a computer overlay with a table, this one didn’ Fit as you see:(

Or maybe just a computer overlay, Idk cause the position of the charecter is quite confusing

Here’s what I came up with. Please let me know if you would like adjustments.


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