Kyra's background and overlay request thread!

Hello! :relaxed:
I wanted to know if you could find me some huts, tipis or some kind of ethnic house overlays, please? I will use them to make an backward clan village. Thank you! :blush:

I can try to get it as close as I can :slight_smile: Give me about 15 minutes :heart:

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I’ll see what I can find. If worse comes to worse I can try to make one from scratch :slight_smile: Give me about 25 minutes :heart:

Thank you :grin:

I tried to match the floral bed sheets, the pink pillows, and the pick blanket. Please let me know if you would like a re-do :slight_smile:
Day time:

Night time:


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Sorry it took so long! I had a few unexpected things I had to do. Here are the background I made. If you would like me to tweak some of the backgrounds don’t hesitate to ask :heart:

There is also a background in the portal that you might like it’s EXT. AFRICAN VILLAGE - DAY

Thank you ! Those backgrounds are really nice, I will use them :blush:
But I wanted overlays :sweat_smile: Do you think you could find me those too, please?

Here are some that I used and then some :slight_smile:




Wow, so many! :heart_eyes: Thank you so much!

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thank you sm @Kyralynn they are perfect

the bed didn’t work for me

Can you specify what didn’t work so I can fix it please? :slight_smile:

Sorry, wrong thread! :sweat_smile:

that one didnt work, i think it’s because its not in PNG or 1MB

Did you try uploading it as a background? It’s in JPG format, which is the format used in backgrounds. You’d set the bed as a background, and then the blanket @Kyralynn made as a .PNG in the overlay section! <3

I will try to upload it as a BG

bump :slight_smile:

Hiya! I’m wondering if you could help me find grocery shelves overlays and/or backgrounds? They can be in any perspective, but to be particular, I want them to look like the shelves in the INT. LIBRARY SHELVES - DAY background! I’m using them in a grocery store scene. Thank you so much! :grin:

Can you make a ballroom from hell background so that the main colours are black and red? And a few dark magic spell overlays? :heart:

Here’s what I have so far :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure what colors you wanted as “dark magic” because some associate red as evil and others associate green as evil as well. I can change the colors if you like. I’m still working on the ballroom. Will the episode ballroom suffice (if I change the colors) or would you like something different?

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