Kyra's background and overlay request thread!

Hey! Welcome to my thread :slight_smile: I have edited this post on 4/29/18 because I want to make my thread more organized.

What I do:

I make and find backgrounds/overlays. Once you request I look for a similar background/overlay made by another talented person. If you like it you can use it (but you must give credit to whoevers bg/overlay it is. No credit for me is necessary.) If it just won’t work I can try to make one from scratch. Depending on how complex the background is it might take up to a few days. If you need it Asap please let me know.

Side note: if you are requesting the same thing on another persons thread please let me know! I don’t mind I just want to make sure I’m not spending time making something someone else already did :sweat_smile:

~Please note that I might not take your request if some of the form is missing or the details are very vague.
~I would like credit to be given in each chapter the intro is used. A reader message or a narration bubble at the beginning or end of the episode saying “Credit to @episode.kyra for the intro” is sufficient.
~If at any point I feel that you are acting in a rude manner I will not complete your request.

Background Form:

Your name:
Instagram/forum username (either or both is fine):
Story name:
Genre of story:
Story description (2-3 sentences is fine):
Background you would like: (theme, colors, overlays, etc.)
How many zones:
Please describe what would happen in the scene you are using the background for:
When do you need this by?
Any additional information:

Overlay Form:

Your name:
Instagram/forum username (either or both is fine):
Story name:
Genre of story:
Story description (1 sentence is fine):
Overlay you would like:
Please describe what would happen in the scene you are using the overlay for:
When do you need this by?
Any additional information:

Fair warning: I might ask for some more information from you if I accept your request. :slight_smile:

If you like my work please don’t forget to give this post a like. It means a lot :slight_smile: Thank you :sneezing_face:

And with that… request away :sparkling_heart:


Hi @Kyralynn! I am in desperate need for an overlay (Blankets, sheets, tables) please x

What color sheets/blankets? Would this be for a birds eye bed scene?

Hey, could I have the island in INT. KITCHEN CLASSIC LUXURY - DAY? With the plant plot please xx

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Here it is :slight_smile: I tried to get it as clean as I could but that little plant is a tricky sucker. Let me know if you have any problems. I believe it should work quite well though.


This isn’t an overlay, but I was wondering if you could help anyways. Do you know any backgrounds for a subway station/subway train? I remember seeing some somewhere, but I can’t seem to find them now. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Did you see the background EXT. JUVIE TRAIN STATION - DAY in the portal? That one works nicely. Otherwise I can keep looking :))

@myarmyofmonkeys (AKA thorneartstudio) has some amazing underground train tunnels as well. They are very grungy looking though. I’m not sure the context of your scene but here’s a few examples:

If you use the files in this folder please remember to give credit to thorneartstudio :slight_smile:

Thank you! Xx

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Oh I’m so glad I found this - I could really use your help! I need the curtains from INT. PROTAG ROYAL BEDROOM - DAY to cover the windows completely. (I’m writing Beauty and the Beast, so darkness and a lack of windows is important to my story!) So picture if the curtains were untied and drawn across the room. (Does that make sense? I’m sorry if it doesn’t - I’m not great at explaining sometimes, haha!)

Maybe black??? and yes please, also can I please have a bed background so it looks like the “camera” is looking at the characters from the top and another black blanket for that bed please?

Here you go! Tell me if you want a re-do :slight_smile:

The blanket belongs to @smg.episode (on Instagram) please credit her :heavy_heart_exclamation:

However I made the bed backgrounds so please credit me with those. Any method is okay with me :))

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I wasnt sure if you wanted a background or an overlay… I think that a background would work better for you. Here’s what I came up with. Please tell me if you would like a re-do :slight_smile:

I also darkened it a tad to counter the decrease of light. Hope that isn’t a problem.

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I love it! I initially wanted an overlay just so the curtains could be drawn open, but I love the background! I can’t wait to use it :slight_smile:

I can also make a background with the black curtains opens for you as well! I just thought the overlays would’ve looked a little wonky :sweat_smile:

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I totally get what you’re saying! I didnt see it before, but you’re definitely right that it would look off. What you’ve done is perfect - I can use the original background for open curtains :slight_smile:

Sounds great. :slight_smile: I’m happy I could help :heart:

Um, I’m wondering if you can turn these backgrounds into a top-view bed?


Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I mean like having the camera looking at the character in bed.