Kyra's *free* animated intro request thread (CLOSED)

Hey guys! I’m Kyra, you might have seen me around the forums. I have a lot of experience with advanced directing and I love challenging myself. If you want an animated intro (for example: the intro in Adrenaline) I can make one for you.


~Please note that I might not take your request if some of the form is missing or the details are very vague. (I’m open to brainstorming idea and coming up with a concept together but I would love if you already have an idea for me.)
~I would like credit to be given in each chapter the intro is used. A reader message or a narration bubble at the beginning or end of the episode saying “Credit to @episode.kyra for the intro” is sufficient.
~If at any point I feel that you are acting in a rude manner I will not complete your request.
~If request get backed up I might close them for a short time. I will allow a waiting list of up to 3 people. When I re-open the 3 people will be the first requests completed and requests will continue as normal.
~If you request an intro, please do not bug me about it. I understand people can be eager but I do have work outside of Episode. Requests can take up to a week to complete.


I do have some examples of my work, however, I can’t upload them because the forums don’t allow videos (yet). If you want to see some examples feel free to DM on Instagram.

Now! I haven’t seen a thread like this on the forum yet so I’ll explain exactly how it works:

I will work on the coding on my personal portal. I will send you screen recordings of the intro, once you are satisfied I will send you all of the things I used. That includes backgrounds, overlays, and the script. The rest is up to you. The hard part is uploading the backgrounds and overlays as the same name I used in the script. That’s it!


Your name:
Instagram/forum username (either or both is fine):
Story name:
Genre of story:
Story description (2-3 sentences is fine):
Any ideas you have (theme, colors, overlays, etc.)
Would you like me to add sound?
Would you like me to add: “Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc…”?
If yes, how many chapters are you planning to write?
Any additional information:

Fair warning: I might ask for some more information from you if I accept your request. :slight_smile:

Self Promo:

If you are in need of an overlay or background I have this thread.

I also have no idea where this thread should go… Hopefully it’s in the correct place. Sorry if it’s not ahhh :sparkling_heart:

On that note… request away :slight_smile:

Requests pending: 3


Your name: rachel
Instagram/forum username (either or both is fine): ig: writerRmt – forums @rmtwrites
Story name: Stuck in my screen
Genre of story: drama | comedy | romance
Story description (2-3 sentences is fine): One death. One girl. One click. One life changed forever. For better or for worse? You decide.
Any ideas you have (theme, colors, overlays, etc.) can it be on a stormy kind of background
Any additional information: thank you so much for doing this!

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name: Hannah
forum profil: Hannah_minna
story name: the unexpected
Genre: comedy
story description: space traveling girl. it is a girl there live a hole normal life until she finds this blue necklace there can time travel. where will the next adventure begin or where???
Ideas: skye blue background. in a grenen with a lot’s of thres and forest and maybe you could make her hair light brown and blue eyes.
Additional information: make her smile and so you like can see her hole body.
hope you will help :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Hey, it’s very nice of you to do this!

Your name: Lonya
Instagram/forum username (either or both is fine): lonya.episode / Lonyaa
Story name: Good to be bad
Genre of story: Mystery
Story description (2-3 sentences is fine): This is a story about supernatural creatures
Any ideas you have (theme, colors, overlays, etc.) A bit darker theme, with a dark background and with blood and maybe big red glowing eyes if that is possible :smiley:
Any additional information: The story title should be in the middle and the eyes should be (if possible) big and under the title and they should fade in and then fad eout again if you know what I mean by that :sweat_smile:

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Your name:Olivia

Instagram/forum username (either or both is fine):Loulou123 (Forums) — (Ig)

Story name:The One Thing

Genre of story: Romance, Drama, Fantasy

Story description (2-3 sentences is fine): Two wolves, two lives, when they meet will they find love, or find hatred?

Any ideas you have (theme, colors, overlays, etc.): Maybe have a forest background with two wolves meeting in the middle

Any additional information: The guy has black hair, and the girl has fawn and they are both wolves, so maybe two wolves meeting and howling? The girl has light brown eyes and the guy has light blue, and could the title be at the top? Maybe have it fade in then have the wolves claw the screen and then make it fade out.

This is a great concept, I’m so glad someone made this thread :smile:
Hope it’s not too complicated :sweat_smile:

Your name: Khadijah
Instagram/forum username (either or both is fine): Forums @queenkhadijah999| IG : @khadijah.episode
Story name: Isle of Stories
Genre of story: Fantasy
Story description (2-3 sentences is fine): During your coronation, a mysterious voice teleports you to Isle of Stories, where your favorite fairytale characters live.
Any ideas you have (theme, colors, overlays, etc.)

  • cursive

  • writing the words, Isle of Stories

Any additional information:

Sweet Hispter font

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WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! I did not expect so many responses!! :astonished: Thank you!!


As of now I am closing requests. The next 3 people will be put on the waiting list. I hope you all understand. Hopefully I can re-open in the next few days :))

Order of requests:

@rmtwrites :white_check_mark:
@Lonyaa :white_check_mark:
@brvnda :white_check_mark:
@queenkhadijah999 :white_check_mark:

You are all accepted. You might receive a PM soon regarding more information. I look forward to working with you all.

@Hannah_minna I need some more info before I accept, please edit your post and then I will accept it.

Side note: If you don’t mind please give this post a like :grin::sweat_smile:


Do you like these titles?


I can’t decide which one :persevere:

Can you please PM me the female and male details ? I think I have a cool idea :slight_smile:

Can I have the outfit for Ace please?

I cannot download that exact font but I found one supperrr similar, how are these?



I was thinking of using this as the background, is it okay?

You’re so generous and kind!

Your name: Yoojay
Instagram/forum username (either or both is fine): @author.y.w - on both
Story name: FINESSE
Genre of story: Action
Story description (2-3 sentences is fine): You’re an asylum escapee, on the run for 3 years. Your plan when you left was to have fun and live life. However, struggling with schizophrenia didn’t help your case, so everywhere you went a trail of murders followed. When the government releases your identity to the public with a grand reward, teaming up with an ex general to take them down wasn’t part of your plan. Will you survive? Trust no one. - Sorry that was the worst description and obviously it won’t be in my ACTUAL story description because it’s too long. :smiley:
Any ideas you have (theme, colors, overlays, etc.): Well could it start with 3 people running, (well two policemen chasing one person.) I send in the details of the one person running away. Could it be set somewhere dark, maybe an alleyway or somewhere cryptic like the people who are running have been running for ages and eventually they’ve run into a darker part of town? I’m sorry if I’m being really vague or I’m just rambling I’m really bad at description :frowning:
Any additional information: Could their running be fast and the title FINESSE follow right after? with explosions or something? I’ll send in the character details now. You can create the police men however you want but I can send a reference.

Thank you so much for giving people the opportunity to make their story intros cooler and just making the forums a magical place with your background threads and this! I also found out I’ve been following you on Instagram for quite a while! How about that? It really is a small world after all! :smiley:

Thank you so so so much again!

UPDATE: I just saw the hiatus in your title! I’m so so sorry! I didn’t see it until after, if you don’t want to do my request because I was rude to post during your break, feel free. I feel horrible :frowning:

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No worries! You have been placed on the waiting list! Once I complete the 6 accepted requests you will be the first person! :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you so much! I think I’m speaking on behalf of the forums, we’re so grateful to have you in the community!

The second font is cool. And the bacgrounds awesome

You are so sweet! I’m so flattered I’m actually tearing up, this is the community I signed up for. :revolving_hearts: I will let you know when I’m finished with the requests :slight_smile:


Thank you so much again! I can’t wait to see this thread grow! <3

@Lonyaa and @queenkhadijah999 Please check your instagram Dm’s :slight_smile: I have sent you the screen recording of the intro. If you like it I will send you the script, if not I will edit it. Please let me know as soon as you can :revolving_hearts:


Yes please

Alright :slight_smile:

@Kyralynn yes they are both great!