Kyra's *free* animated intro request thread (CLOSED)

Hey guys! I have re-opened my requests! I will probably take about 4-5 right now! :slight_smile: Please remember to fill out the form completely.

Hi want to request


Name: Priti Roy
Instagram: priti_episode
Story Name:Parallel Hearts
Story Description: Ayesha is a famous fashion desinger. Her boyfriend thinks she is the best girl in the world. However want happens when he meets her replica in the midst of the woods? Both of them look the same but their hearts are different
Any ideas: I actually don’t have any idea :sweat_smile:
Do you want me to add sound? Yes
Do you want me to add Chapter 1, Chapter 2: YES (Till chapter 20)
Any additional Information: Can you plz add “Season 1” to the intro


Hey… I am sort of changing the title…hope that’s okay with you. People like the title Parallel Hearts more than The Inside…so I am changing. :sweat_smile:

Sounds good! You’re request is accepted. :revolving_hearts:


Thank You so much


Requests are opened!

Your name: WaterDog (if you want my real name I can give you that)
Instagram/forum username: Forum Username: uc-nerve | IG: @uc_nerve.rp
Story name: Ren
Genre of story: Fantasy
Story description (2-3 sentences is fine): Ren is a woman who thinks she has a bad life but she gets abducted and transported to alien planet then meets an alien that falls in love with her and starts to think that her life isn’t so bad.
Any ideas you have: well I kinda want a leafy jungle look (I’ll give you an example)
Would you like me to add sound?: No thank you
Would you like me to add: “Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc…”?: I don’t know how many chapters I’m doing so no
Also is it okay if I don’t have the characters?
Just tell me if you need more information!:grin:

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I really want to finish my eps nowwwwwww

I’m not trying to rush you, but is mine still being worked on?

I sent you the preview in your Instagram Dm’s :slight_smile:


I’ll check it out!

I love it! Can you just change the color of “Chapter 1” so it’s white???

Then please send me the script, I adore it! :heart:

Sounds great! I’ll make the correction and send it to you tonight. (around 7 hours my time ) :two_hearts:


I’m not trying to be rude, I PM you however I have had no response in the last couple of days.

Hey girl, some people have school and other life things to work on other than an intro request! She’s probably trying her hardest to finish, just sit tight and she’ll have your intro ready soon! I know youre not trying to be rude, but hang in there :smiley:


Your name: StripieHead
Instagram/forum username (either or both is fine): does_write, StripieHead
Story name: Witch
Genre of story: Fantasy, (little) comedy
Story description (2-3 sentences is fine): It’s about this girl who finds out she is a witch, goes to school and possibly defeat a villain? (Draft desp not final.)
Any ideas you have (theme, colors, overlays, etc.) A very witchy theme (Purples , magical aura, something out of a movie!)
Would you like me to add sound? Yes
Would you like me to add: “Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc…”? Yes, try up to chapter 30
If yes, how many chapters are you planning to write? Not sure yet.
Any additional information: Yes, please add Season 1? TySm!

Oh and may I see examples :smiley: ?

You’re request is accepted. Please DM me on Instagram @episode.kyra for examples! :))

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