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To put this bluntly, I’m opening a PFP shop for purposes that are stated below. Take note that, this is a PFP shop and I do not do covers, splashes, art scenes and whatsnot.

Since I’m a greedy person, I don’t do things that don’t benefit me in a way. This thread also counts as a ‘practice’ thread. That stated, I may send lazy art so, I’m sorry for the victim in advance. :sunny:

In-order to use my PFP’s, there are some tou or rules that I put, so hopefully everyone follows it!;
When using my profile pictures you must not:
  • Redistribute it in any other social media apps or topics without my permission
  • Claim the profile picture as a creation of your own.
  • Use it as art scenes or covers.
  • Tracing then coloring it in, claiming it as your own

When using my profile picture you must:

  • Use it for atleast a day…
  • Give proper credit to me via biography “Credit to @/Whannabe, for the profile art!”

P.S ~ I haven’t tried drawing on LL and Classic, but I’m willing to try!
Character Details;
Type of aesthetic/Personalized style;
Any text (Opti.);
Outfit [Custom is accepted];
Pose [Custom is accepted];
Reference Photo;
Shading style;
Preferred Background;
Additional Details;

Click Me!

Sorry to disappoint, but I recently broke my old phone causing all my pieces of art to be deleted. These are some recent ones that I’ve made on the past month…

These are just pure random outlines, all done in 15 minutes each.

Hoping people will go ahead and request, Ill leave this waiting list out here!
  1. @Weird0
  2. @AverysTea
  3. @raindrvps
  4. @Penny2

This thread is closed until current requests are finished!


I’d like one!

Character Details;

Use classic bob instead of pixie.

Type of aesthetic/Personalized style;

I like the purples and pinks in my background

Any text (Opti.);


Outfit [Custom is accepted];

Could you make a custom crop top?


Not the words the length and style.


Pose [Custom is accepted];

I’d like one hand to be wrapped around her waist and the other to be on her face.

Reference Photo;




Shading style;


Preferred Background;


Additional Details;

Could you have from the waist and up?

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@yikko can you do pfp backgrounds! If so I want one!


Character Details:
Skin Tone: Light
Eyebrows: Smooth Arch
Hair: Straight (Color Black)
Eyes: Upturned Bold
Face: Oval
Nose: Elven
Lips: Classic (Color Scarlet)
Type of aesthetic/Personalized style: Something dark!
Any text (Opti.): I don’t want any words!
Outfit [Custom is accepted]: Something like this…

Pose [Custom is accepted]: My character holding a rose and rolling her eyes at the same time!
Reference Photo:
Edited/Drawn?: Drawn please!
Shading style: Shaded
Preferred Background:
Additional Details: A nose piercing

Imma request in a few hours! Love the examples! :heart_eyes:

Character Details;
Skin: Olive
Face shape: Round
Brows: Medium angled
Hair/color: Straight (black)
Nose: Soft natural
Eyes: Upturned bold (toffee)
Lips: Classic (dusty rose)

Type of aesthetic/Personalized style;
I was thinking pasetel colors with dark shadows
Any text (Opti.);
No thank chu
Outfit [Custom is accepted];
Gold Biker Jacket
Navy Blue Shorts Onesie Top

Pose [Custom is accepted];
Can she be grinning and look serious at the same time and I was thinking this kind of pose without the phone tho lol
Reference Photo;
I’d like it to be drawn please
Shading style;
Shaded please
Preferred Background;

Additional Details;
Nope, I’m okay


Body: Mocha
Face: Oval
Brows: Defined Natural
Hair: Natural Curls (Mint)
Nose: Refined
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Brown)
Lips: Full Round (Rose)

Type of aesthetic: Pastel-ish?
Any text: nope


Any of these!


Leaning on wall casually.

Reference Photo

Something like this if possible, or arms crossed.

Edited/Drawn: Either one is fine!
Shading: Shaded

Preferred background



Thanks for requesting! :kissing_heart:
~~I will get back to you with the finished requests!
@Weird0, @AverysTea, @raindrvps, @Penny2


Yay! Thanks I can’t wait!!!

Thank you!

I obviously can’t find time to do these requests, all and such, so can the @Jeremy, @Sydney_H or @Nick close the thread? (I don’t know who to tag for thread closing, but I hoped I didn’t mistag)

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: Jeremy is no longer a member of the forum staff. :wink: