L.I.W.F Art requests! [OPEN]

I create art covers/splashes for you! Here are some examples!


Here are the rules.

  1. I f you’re another cover artist please don’t ask people if they want your art!
  2. I will except 8 redos
  3. Please add your character details if, you’re using something with characters.
    That’s all te rules so far!

Here’s a form you can fill out to tell me what you want. Or you can just tell me here doesn’t matter!


They’re really good! :heart_eyes:

They look great!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

But put example over them because some people can steal your artwork and claim as there own!

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They look good! :heart_eyes:


They look beautiful! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Aw, thanks! You people are spoiling me!

Girl I’m just telling the truth, these are beautiful! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


:grin::grin::grin::smile: I love the sound one the best! If it isn’t a problem could I request a sound one for my story that will be coming out very very soon? But the examples are very beautiful!

Sure! can you give my the details

did you get the details? from the form?

Yup thanks!

Thank you so much! What would you like me to credit you on this account or instagram?

Instagram thank you

What’s your instagram account?

And the story is going to be called The Boss.


Okay TYSM!

No problem!

I’m on instagram and I search mother_of_all_elements and it says no users found