L.I.W.F Official art thread!

Hello all! I’m fairly new at digital after all I started only this year, so please take easy on me :wink:! Let’s get straight into it!

  1. I don’t want any drama on my thread including advertising on my thread. (Unless your my art group of :slight_smile:)
  2. Do not request anywhere else or I will not complete your request. I don’t want to waste time on something that won’t be used.
  3. Make sure to credit me.
  4. Don’t NOT steal artwork from me. I will be putting on my watermark and if I catch you stealing my work be prepared to be bombarded
  5. You must be polite or else I will not even start your request.
Cover examples

Splash examples

Profile Picture

I haven’t ever done a pfp for anyone else but I’m sure I can do some else’s


  1. I do not do custom poses UNLESS you have a overlay to give me so I can use as reference
  2. I draw LL characters WAY better. So don’t be surprised that ink character might look weird.
  3. Don’t ask when your art will be done. Art takes time and nagging me won’t make me go faster.

Disclaimer: I already PM @granolias about using this system so don’t accuse me of stealing

Password: Jaz

Please request I didn’t right this whole thing for people not to request! Thanks all!

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Lol, thanks!