L@@KING for backround characters/main characters (and ideas) for my story! (Limelight)



Have fun! Please say you responded in the comments so I can respond to if you got in or not!

With love, a fellow Episode Story Creator

If you just have ideas for my story, just put NONE in the other boxes :slight_smile:


Hey I’m doing it know


I did…


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Alright, I read your request and you have a role. Thanks for taking the time to help me and fill out my paper!


Okay! Have you finished your response?


Also, your character’s name is Eva. She has a twin, Evana.


I think you misread when filling out the form. The story is in Limelight. Would you like your character made as closely as described, or do you just not want it?


Yes… that would be nice.


I want it… similar characteristics will be nice