₳ ₦Ɇ₩ ฿Ɇ₲ł₦₦ł₦₲ - RP - Ø₣₣ł₵ł₳Ⱡ ₮ⱧⱤɆ₳Đ

₮ⱧɆ students of Springerton High School (in a town, also named Springerton) are all preparing to go on their annual feild trip to a camp site in the mountains. But on the way there, the busses they’re riding in are each hit by lightning. Everyone on board is knocked out, and when they wake up, they find that they are right back at the school, where they began.

Suddenly there is no sign of any of the drivers that drove the busses, and even though they can text and call each other, they can’t call their parents or anyone else and can’t access the internet in any way. When they return back to their homes – they find that both their parents and their siblings (if they have any) are gone.

They are now all alone in the town, having no clue what has happened to their parents. And, maybe most importantly, they have no idea how to create a working society without them, so how will they ever survive?


  • You are allowed a maximum of 2 characters (with a few exceptions).
  • I have a loose storyline in mind, so if you’re thinking of doing anything major, please contact me first.
  • Don’t godmod.
  • No sex scenes allowed.
  • Be active!
  • If you are absent from the roleplay for three days or more, your character will be terminated.
  • Death scenes, attacks etc. will be SG-posts from me that will contain as little gore as possible.
  • Always write in past tense and in the third person’s perspective (he/she walked over to the bed).
  • More rules can be added as we go on.

₣₳₵Ɇ₵Ⱡ₳ł₥₴ & ⱤɆⱠ₳₮łØ₦₴Ⱨł₱ ĐØ₵



₱Ⱡ₳₵Ɇ₴ ł₦ ₴₱Ɽł₦₲ɆⱤ₮Ø₦

These can be very useful to know about later in the roleplay, so you know where to place your characters.

  • The School - a fairly large high school that has an auditorium, a football feild, several classrooms (of course) and a sizable cafeteria.
  • The Library - the place to go to find every book imagineable. It was built in 1850 and the interior has barely changed since.
  • The Grocery Store - just your run-of-the-mill grocery store where you can buy … well, groceries.
  • The Health Centre - not nearly big enough to be called an actual hospital. But it’s staff are capable enough to handle tummy aches, sprained ankles and such.
  • The Police Station - a relatively large establishment whose policemen have the utmost respect from the citizens of Springerton.
  • The Town Square - the small plot of land in the middle of the town. It mainly consists of a fountain and some benches.
  • Willow Lane - the neighborhood where Springerton’s upper-class citizens live.
  • Hamilton Road - the neighborhood where Springerton’s middle class citizens live.
  • Wesley Street - the neighborhood where Springerton’s lower class citizens live.
  • The Springerton Forest - it surrounds the whole town, and is known for being the place where Springerton’s teenagers hang out. The tiny lake in the middle of it has even changed it’s name to Lover’s Lane Lake since it’s such a popular spot for teenage couples to go to.


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It was a chilly April morning. The students of Springerton High School were standing on the parking lot outside of their school saying goodbye to their families. It was the day they had been looking forward to for a year – it was time for the annual trip to Camp Sycamore – a camp site many miles away from Springerton, and, most importantly – many miles away from their parents.

The school had rented three mini-busses that were supposed to take the students there. Mrs. Hanson, one of the teachers, walked up to these busses with a big list of names in her hand.

”Alright, students!” she yelled, ”when you’ve said goodbye to your parents, please find your seats in the bus I tell you to go to with the person I tell you to go to. And I don’t want any funny business – there will be no trading or fake names this time!” she quickly cleared her throat before speaking again:

Bus one!

Robin Winston and Eva Miller

Hallie Edwards and Sebastian Powell

Kayleigh Aisaka and Sean Price

Sofia Wilson and Isaac Thompson

Poppy Williams and Oscar Reid”

”Bus two!

Carlina Saitta and Lee Minho

Sapphire Rose and Hwang Hyunjin

Emily Williams and Isabelle Penhallow

Lucy Anders and August Parker

Celeste Waters and Camille Tonkinson”

”Bus three!

Aaron Miller and Maxen Carington

Callie Martinez and Madeline Carington

Paige James and Vanessa Lyre

Jackson Bustillo and Cynthia Di Angelo

Estelle Fischer and Joshua Lancaster”

Welcome to the roleplay! Make sure you read all the new information in the first post before starting. :heart:


Paige James :maple_leaf:

Alright, students! when you’ve said goodbye to your parents, please find your seats in the bus
Paige turned off her cigarette , sprayed some perfume to lose the smell, and headed to the bus.
As much as field trips were fun, she wasn’t really in the mood for it.
Or any other drama.
She stood and waited for Mrs Hanson to read her name
Paige James and Vanessa Lyre
Yes! She smiled. looked around for Vanessa, gave up and went on the bus catching a good spot, shw put her guitar in the trunk and sat down and put on one headphone and turned on my daily mix from spotify and waited for people to show up


@AlyssaThePretzel mentioned


Emily Williams :innocent:

“Got the bug spray?” Emily’s mom asked her before hugging her little sister, Poppy, goodbye.

“Yes” she answered, and was just about to list the other useful things she had brought, like blister plasters, granola bars and two flashlights, when her youngest sister started crying her eyes out because a big moth had just landed on her head. The little girl waved her hands around in such a panic that both her parents had to duck to avoid getting hit. While her mom tried to calm her down, Emily’s dad walked up to her and her sister with a kind smile on his lips.

“Have a good trip, girls” he said, first hugging Poppy and then Emily, “don’t get into any trouble now!” he then added, pointing a finger at each of them.

“Do you really even have to worry about that, dad?” Emily said with a small giggle. Her dad chuckled with her.

“Perhaps not, but you’re the big sister here, Emmy. I expect that you keep an eye on Poppy” he replied, giving her a serious look. Emily nodded, looking just as serious, before getting a hug from her dad. She then turned to her little sister. “Well, then. I guess we should go find our seats. Who were you sitting with, again? Oscar … Reid?”

@Ella - Poppy Williams

Joshua Lancaster :skull_and_crossbones:

Josh hadn’t even asked his aunt to come to this stupid thing. Why ask her to get out of bed at seven in the morning just to say goodbye to him, and then leave again? Sounded utterly unnecessary to him. He was sure she would’ve enjoyed it, though - she probably would’ve cried and told him how much her and her husband would miss him. That was another reason to why Josh hadn’t told her about this. He had left her a note on the dining room table. He thought that would be sufficient enough. Estelle Fischer he thought to himself. While that name did ring a bell, he was almost certain he had never spoken to her before. And he wasn’t planning on doing that, either. That they were “bus-buddies” didn’t mean that he was actually obligated to speak to this girl.

He got up from the bench he was sitting in and made his way over to what he supposed was bus three. He wasn’t exactly thrilled about anything about this trip, but the one thing he found the least repulsing was the busride there. That gave him time to have some peace before all the disgustingly cringe teambuilding-exercises began. He would pick out the perfect spot, put his headphones on, listen to music so loud it would probably give him tinnitus and watch as the world passed him by.

As Josh walked into the bus, he did find the perfect spot, just like he had imagined. But the only problem was - some girl was sitting in it. He knew himself well enough to know that he was quite intimidating, so getting her to move probably wouldn’t be too much of a problem. So he cleared his throat to make sure she heard him correctly, and walked up to her.

“You’re in my seat” he said, giving her an ice cold look. That was usually enough.

@Rose.M - Paige James
@emma.el - Estelle Fischer (mentioned)


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Paige James🍁

Paige was sitting in the bus with her headphones listening to music when a guy, slightly familiar but she couldn’t remember his name at the moment, came and gave her an ice cold look
You’re in my seat
“That’s not your seat” Paige looked back at him “I sat here first” she rolled my eyes and put her headphone back.
was he trying to be intimidating? Coz it sure wasn’t working
@cuteswede - Joshua Lancaster


Kayleigh Aisaka

Kayleigh wasn’t prepared. She knew she forgot her brush at home but she didn’t fuss about it so her dad wouldn’t get anymore angrier as he stood with Kayleigh and her family yelling because her two siblings Ian and Kaydence were fighting. She tried to shush them down to keep it a ow profile until her dad yelled really loud, which startled her and the others. She turned to her mother and said, “Come on, not right here? There is so many people that could be watching…”
Her mother sighed and gave her a hug. Kayleigh felt the tears soak into her shoulder.

“I’m sorry it has to be like this, I try to calm them down the best I could. I do love you babygirl,” her mother said through her face into her now crying daughters sweatshirt.
Kayleigh pushes her off slowly and wiped her forming tears. No matter how much everyone fought, they still loved each other, especially her mom. Always trying so hard to calm everyone down. But usually getting yelled out by her own two kids. Kayleigh walked past her mom and looked down at her siblings. She had a grit in her teeth ready to knock theirs in.

“Now you little buttcheek better act right for mom and dad or I swear to-“

“What are you going to do? Hit me? Good luck with that stupid a-“
Kayleigh slapped Ian acrossed the face. Her anger suddenly lost control. “Don’t make me go home from camp just to do it again.”

“Kayleigh, come on. That wasn’t necessary! Stop hitting your damn siblings would you? Don’t make me use the belt on you.” Her father finally spoke to her. She looked at him and said. “Sure.” Her dad retracted and sighed. He said, “I’m sorry Kaybug. I didn’t mean to get snappy. I love you, and hope you have a good trip.” He hugged her and he tightened his grip. Kayleigh pulled away faster.

“I love you too.” She said. “All of you idiots.”

And she walked to her bus and sat down, not looking back. She pulled in her earbuds and turned on her music on Soundcloud.

@_snowflake - Sean Price


Joshua Lancaster :skull_and_crossbones:

He smiled and chuckled, but not because he found this remotely charming or funny in anway, Or, well, he guessed it was funny how confident she was being. Like she actually thought this was an argument she had the ability to win. The way she rolled her eyes at him made him furious.

“Get out of that seat right now if you know what’s best for you” he said, pushing his head closer to hers. She wouldn’t be able to escape him.

@Rose.M - Paige James


Paige James

If there’s one thing Paige couldn’t stand, it’s bullies.
And that guy, was definitely one of them. And she wasn’t planning in letting him win this.
“Look, pretty boy. Whatever your name is.” She took of her headphones and looked at him with a pissed look “You can threat all you want, you think your some scary macho, well news flash, you don’t scare sh*t.” She answered him Confidently and pissed “I might be a girl, but Im much more macho than you’ll ever be. No go find another seat and don’t ruin my morning” she finished and turned away from him, putting her headphones back on and snorting


Estelle Fischer :cherry_blossom:

“Try to have fun on this trip, ‘stelle.” Estelle’s mom was always concerned about how little enthusiasm her daughter had for school trips. Estelle rolled her eyes.
“I’ll try, mom.” She said, with a somewhat condescending tone. Her mom didn’t look convinced. She simply sighed.
“Well, at least be more open. You know how often I get calls from the counselor.” Estelle didn’t want to talk about that.
“I get it, mom. Now can I leave? They called my name and I’m going to be late getting in the bus.”
“Alright, alright. I’ll stop. Have a good trip, sweetheart.”
After sharing a hug, Estelle picked up her bag and began walking to the bus. Bus 3, right?
After looking on the buss assignment list, she rolled her eyes and sighed. Great. Joshua Lancaster. Even though she wasn’t planning on talking to anyone, this was a worst case scenario. There was no “hey, can I have the window seat?” Or, “sorry, I have to grab something from the overhead shelf.” Every interaction would be aggressive, and she would just have to take it. She clearly wouldn’t be able to respond well to his intimidation, and she knew it.
After quietly stepping on the bus, she already saw her “bus buddy” squabbling with some girl. What’s her name again? Paige?
After multiple attempts to scoot past Joshua’s large frame in the aisle, it was fruitless. She was going to have to stand there and wait for them so stop arguing. Awkward.

@cuteswede (Joshua)
@Rose.M (Paige)


Joshua Lancaster :skull_and_crossbones:

Josh almost didn’t know what do do with himself. His anger was bubbling inside of him, and he didn’t know how to let it out. He glanced over at Mrs. Hanson. She was still close by. If he hit this girl now he would get into heaps of trouble. That would have to wait. It annoyed him immensely to have to back down, but he comforted himself with that this wasn’t over.

“Nasty b*tch” he mumbled to himself, giving the girl one last look before choosing a seat as far away from her as possible.

@Rose.M - Paige James



Estelle Fischer :cherry_blossom:

After Joshua finally moved, she watched as he chose another seat. She quietly shuffled over with her large bag, and heaved it onto the overhead shelf. She then quietly sat next to him, avoiding all eye contact or interaction. It was going to stay that way during the entire bus ride. She put in her earbuds and began listening to some music, tilting her shoulder toward the aisle. She didn’t want to look at him, no matter what.


@cuteswede (Joshua mentioned)


Paige James🍁

She rolled her eyes as he left.
One thing Paige wasn’t scared to do, is to stand up for herself and call off bullies like whatever his name was.
No ego busted dickhead will tell her what to do or where to sit.
She turned back putting her headphones and looking out the window


cynthia di angelo

She tied her hair into a messy ponytail while her sister and dad were beginning to get impatient.
“Cynth we have like five minutes before your bus leaves, let’s skiddadle.”
She glanced down at her phone to see what time it was, “Yikes!”
Letting her hair loose, she ran down the stairs.
Her sister yanked her by the hand and they were on their way
** bus list **
She looked around for a friend moving her head in her stance near the teacher but she didn’t spot anyone so she just hopped on.
Looking for a good spot on bus three wasn’t hard so she picked a window seat in the middle and put on her jean jacket waiting for Jackson.



Hallie Edwards

Hallie was glad to be leaving Springerton, even if it was just for a week, however, camping was not really her forte - especially when she didn’t like half the people she was going with. But, her parents had paid for her to go on it before she even got a choice, so she kind of had to be here. Her parents had left the house before she had even woken up, so she was leaving an empty house to walk to school. She was dressed simply, which was also practical for the standards they will be temporarily living in, she had also done her hair into two braids so she didn’t have to deal with it.

She was one of the last to arrive at the school, which she suspected was because most people had a ride. There were a few school buses here, and many sobbing parents clinging to their children like it’s life or death. Hallie rolled her eyes, why was it so much of a big deal? She turned her back to them and stepped onto bus one, heard that she was sitting next to a Sebastian Powell - she had no idea who that was. When she got on the bus, a lot of people had beaten her to it. She had no idea who this Sebastian was, but she looked around the bus anyway, her eyes starting at the front, and making their way to the back of the bus. There was only one free seat, so she had to assume that it was the one next to Sebastian, and if it wasn’t… she didn’t really care so she sat there.

@Etherwalker - Sebastian Powell

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Poppy Williams

It was not exactly her choice to be here, it was more because her sister, Emily, wanted to go. But, Poppy was glad she was going, she couldn’t just go alone. She wouldn’t say she was an experienced camper, however, she had gone one or two times in the past, not that she particularly enjoyed it. As she got out of the car her parents were driving, she saw at the school her classmates who were going, she didn’t know that many - which wasn’t surprising since she was a freshman. She quickly looked down at her outfit, comparing it to other peoples already.

She waited as she heard names being called out for who was on which bus. Poppy felt a little panicked when she heard she was on a different bus to Emily, and next to someone called Oscar. She recognised the name, suspecting they must have been in a class together. She heard a voice from her sister, who had asked who she was sitting with. “Yeah, but I think we’re on separate buses.” After saying goodbye to Emily, and her parents, she got on the bus, she looked around a little. There was quite a wide age range, some as old as 18. She then noticed someone who she thought could be Oscar, the big giveaway being the fact that there was a seat next to him, so she took a breath and then walked over, “Hi, sorry to bother you,” She said, feeling bad. “You’re Oscar, right?”

@cuteswede - Emily Williams
@rickyy - Oscar Reid


She Looked Towards The Many People Outside The bus waiting for their names to be called, She Walked On to Bus Of what she was a Called onto Waiting for the person she was Called With . Putting In Her Airpods And Putting Some Songs On


Still, Approachable


He Sat Down on His Bus Looking around For A Spot to Sit Were his Partner Was supposed to be.

He Held His Phone In Hand A Bag over his shoulder to his hip


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Eva Miller:
“Bye, dad!” Eva said as she hugged her father tightly. “See you soon, honey,” he replied with a smile. “Remember what I taught you. Optimism is the best way of making the worst situations possible.” Eva nodded and smiled her signature smile. She grabbed her stuff and headed to the bus. She looked around the bus for the person she was assigned to sit with, Robin. She always admired Robin’s upbeat personality and his pink hair.
“Hi!” She said to Robin with a great big smile on her face.


Sebastian “Bass” Powell || Bus || With Kayleigh Aisaka

Sebastian entered the bus. His bag was slung over his shoulder and the book he was currently reading was held tightly in his hand. He walked to his seat, back bent as he navigated the claustrophobic hall of the bus. He sat down next to a brunette girl. This girl must be Hallie then. He smiled at her and waved diplomatically.

He turned towards the back of the bus and rested his arm on the back of his chair. There was a girl in the seat behind him and he recognized her as the girl who had a fight with her family recently. His brows furrowed slightly as he talked. “So that predicament that occurred with your associates outside the bus… What was that about?”

@Ella Hallie can join the conversation too.



He had seen this Girl before “Your Eva Right?” He said Looking at Her Biting His Lip.

He was Wearing A pastel blue top and Black Trousers, Nothing Strange But Yet he Always Looked Amazing


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