|l Stafora Academy / Sign-ups and General Chat l|

Rejoice witchrent! This letter is sent officially on behalf of Stafora Academys Headmistress; to tell you that your witchling has been accepted to this academy!

An opportunity like no other, we promise to give your witchling the best care and a fair evaluation of grades as long as you keep the schools secret.

As we promise on our magic, we hope to hear back from you soon.
Stafora Academy, is an academy only there to accept students with talents unlike any other. Though making the promise on magic, the battles and competitions held on the school are one of the special aspects, with some events in which can give unfair evaluation.

It’s a battle for the student council, whom is second to the headmistress and can expel students in a blink of an eye. However, those aren’t the only aspects special to the school. It delivers the finest rooms, food and has intelligent teachers.

With lessons 3 levels above you, a weekly evaluation is held to expel students that don’t keep up with the expectations of the school.

Of course, the witchrents don’t know that, because the happenings inside the school is the secret that the students have to keep.

The numerous drop-downs contain valuable information, that is needed in this RP.


These are just the basic information of Stafora Academy, as you will learn new things along your journey.


Stafora Academy’s Student council are the one that creates the rules, alongside the headmistress. However, ever since the start of the school there were 4 rules that were made on behalf of the school’s tradition.

Rule no 1. l| You have no rights, to leak the happenings on the inside of the academy. That is absolutely not allowed and is respect to the students who enjoy the academy’s way of handling things.

Rule no 2. l| Handling magic without permission from the teacher, despite being educational purposes is hereby not allowed. The risk of misusing magic is too high for witchers to just ignore.

Rule no 3. l| Respect those superior to you. Here in the academy, ranks are all about the rounding aspect. Make sure to know your place and don’t act as a superior when you’re the inferior. If you wish to show the “superior” who is boss, request a battle and you shall settle it there.

Rule no 4. l| Battles are to be requested from the headmistress’ or student council office. You must request a form for battle, the following people competing must agree on the terms and promise on their magic.

  • Violent spells and magic that can harm/kill and destroy school property is not allowed. Remember that the Disciplinary Committee is right beside you, and will use force if they absolutely have to.
  • Bets that can be harmful to an individuals’ life is not allowed. Your request for a battle is to be declined immediately, in addition you and the competitor are to be suspended for 2 witch weeks.
  • You are not the one to choose the theme and the challenge for the battle, the student council and headmistress will handle all that. However, you must decide the time and date in which the battle is held.
  • For fair evaluation, student council members or the headmistress herself will evaluate and check the terms and your performance on the challenge.
  • Fun part of battles, bribery is allowed! You can bribe the evaluator to give an unfair score to the other competitors. Just make sure you don’t get caught, because humiliation with strike you and you would receive consequences.


How "I" do the battles

The battles don’t take place on the RP thread, my idea for the battles are to be held on a PM that only includes the evaluator, the headmistress, a disciplinary committee member and the competitors. Though it’d be weird to actually do a “task” like a hippity-bobbity task on a pm, I was planning to do it in question form. Depending on each of the competitors’ answers, I will decide the winner for myself {or with the evaluator} of whoever has the most correct answers or most valid opinion.

The bets or prizes that you would get on the battle would vary on which you agreed on. Take note that bets and prizes must be something on the RP itself. It cannot be “share your photo” or “make art for me” and stuff like that…

I think that wraps Stafora Academy’s 4 main rules! A meeting will be held with the Student Council members, at the start of the year to decide other rules for Stafora Academy.

Student Council

An image of superiority, intelligence and talent, Stafora Academy’s student council consists of people who can rule over the inferiors. It’s not a battle for whoever can handle “responsibility”, it’s a battle of skills that you’re not bound to see on other academies.
The Student Council is the utmost center point of Stafora Academy. They rule this school and is second to the headmistress. They make the major decisions and decide the events, programs and much more on this school!
The Student Council, is not a “reserve”; or rather first come first serve. Whoever I think is valid for the Student Council, gets the position.
The available positions are which stated;

  • Head-witchling {Taken by yours truly}
  • Vice-witchling
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Disciplinary Committee Head
  • Witch-affairs Committee Head
  • Information Committee Head


Details on the positions stated;

  • Head-witchling
    The Head-witchling decides most of the decisions of the academy. If this witch says that a certain rule is added, others must act willingly. The amount of decision-making he/she can do is equal to the headmistress as, the headmistress herself can’t be superior to the decisions made by this position. If all of the student council except his/her individual self doesn’t agree with this witch’s decision, the decision of the head-witchling is brushed off and ignored. Not many dares to do this tho, as
    He/she can also drive out witches from other positions, and choose her own. This superior witch is the highest position a student can ever get, and even the teachers have to abide by his/her decision.

  • Vice-witchling
    If the Head-witchling is not around, this position becomes the temporary “president”. Limitations are as stated, decisions made by this position is only inferior to the Head-Witchling. The Headmistress can tick-off the decision made by this position unlike the president.
    This position is also the closest to the president and headmistress, and can get near them without having to appoint a schedule for meeting.

  • Secretary
    The toughest position on the student council. Unlike other positions, the person who gets this position is secured and is voted on. The Head-witchling can’t drive him/her out of this position, unless having pure evidence of disobeying the rules and not taking proper care of responsibility.
    Talent, skills and intelligence can’t get you to this position, since a matter of responsibility is heaved on your shoulders. Those who swear to follow orders of the Student Council and shows they have what it takes to carry on the responsibilities, gets the position.
    From helping with pointless tasks, carrying out duty, helping announcements and more; It is a position not even elite people want.

  • Treasurer
    Though not very needed, the treasurer is still placed on the Student Council, with a given special task. They’re first taught a special lesson specifically for their position. It’s the position that stores away anything; students, items and even magic.
    Don’t get too carried away though, since your knowledge of the spell gets washed out the day you graduate.

  • Disciplinary Committee Head
    The Officer that keeps the academy in order. They regularly circle around the school to see if students abide by the rules. Not only that, they also have access to CCTV’s around the school, to easily determine the location of a rule breaker.
    The Disciplinary Head choose his/her own members on the club. The Head-witchling can’t drive out the positions and the members chosen by the Disciplinary Head.

  • Witch-affairs Committee Head
    The Witch-Affairs Head or Student Affairs Officer is in charge of making an event free from troubles and problems. This witch also helps the President in deciding the mechanics for an event.
    Like the Disciplinary Head, The Witch-Affairs Head Officer chooses his/her own members of the club. The Head-Witchling can’t drive out the positions and the members chosen by this particular witch.

  • Information Committee Head
    The Informational Head, deals with giving knowledge about the happenings inside the school, outside and about the students. They know how to hack, handle computers or find information.
    Unlike the other Committee Heads, there are some requirements you must have before you can be a member of this committee. You must have knowledge on how to obtain information, be it gossiping, online; or any other particular way.




These both align to sign-up rules and roleplay rules.
Please take your time reading this, and abide by the rules. Rules are a way to keep something in place and organized, these are very simple rules; It can also be called as a way of respecting me. I’m sure you got that right?
These are just standard RP rules, I’m sure most knows them already, but I’m going to input them anyway.

  1. l| Respect other RPER’s and don’t be rude.
  2. l| Consult me first, before making any major decision/s.
  3. l| Create your character with flaws! No Mary Sue’s, nobody in this world is perfect.
  4. l| A maximum of 8 characters per person; The Genders don’t necessarily have to be equal, just keep it in a reasonable ratio!
  5. l| Post or check out the happenings on the RP at least thrice a week! Failing to do so, would get your character up for adoption. Unless you PMed me that you can’t post for a certain reason.
  6. l| Explicit sex scenes or overly-violent scenes are not allowed. Either take the scene to a PM, or do a time skip when the clothes are off.
  7. l| Put an asterisk or * over the vowel on the specified bad word, or blur it. F*ck or Fuck
  8. l| This isn’t Keep up with the Kardashian, don’t ever feed off drama! Never slip logs to the fire, and don’t stuff off the tea they make. Drama from characters, are allowed but drama from roleplayers themselves, is not allowed.
  9. l| Single ORPs’ are not allowed. Post it on this thread, since it’s also a chat for the roleplay in general.
  10. l| You can create situations and fights {Not battles} without my consent, just don’t make the damage too big because expulsion will come get you.
  11. l| Speak in third person mode in past principle! Use he/she and fought/ate instead of I/you and fight/eat



Note: There are things on this sign-up that you don’t know yet. Don’t worry, you’ll learn it soon enough.
Sign-up Form



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Side note: Ill try to step this RP up a notch for a little bit ~add mysteries, conflicts and other stuff to keep you interested!
Those whose interests were peaked up’


@pxqchy Can I Reserve a Female Vise President? for the student Council?

I will decide the Council members at the time I start this RP!
The reason for such a long waiting time of choosing council members, is because I want the best possible person for the specific position! :blush::black_heart:

I added a choice though, at the sign-ups; the opportunity to try out as a student council member. Sorry love, and hope you understand!


Can I reserve a female and a male?

Of course! :smile:
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