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Reserve for a female? :cowboy_hat_face::clap:

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can I sigh up?


No problemo!

Thanks for putting interest :black_heart:

Of course! No need to ask…


Everyone is free to sign-up! :smiley:

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For those who signed up already…
I forgot a very important question, so please tell me your character name!

Btw whoever recommended BNHA, Death Note and AOT; I love you :joy:

Another Side note: I have to change up some ages since some are not correspondent to the grade level their in.
Btw, your levels may decrease or increase depending on how you act at school.


Im putting a lot of side notes lmao :rofl:
Your Sophomores, Juniors and Senior characters can have relationship with others. I still need more info before I put up their faceclaims but I thought it’d be nice to share.


Submitted my female.

Since I don’t know the usernames of 5 characters I’m also in a bit of a rush so I can’t pm everyone…from the form, I’m gonna leave my requirements and opinions about your form here.

Alaia Sanders - I can be the brother of Alaia and create an “Asher” character if you want.
Personality - Too short for a personality, can you add more depth to it? Around 3 sentences is okay.

Level - Since she is a transferee, I unfortunately can’t make her level an “S” since I haven’t seen her skills yet. So, I’m going to leave a “B” or an average on the faceclaims instead…

Biography - Can I change it up a bit? Add a few punctuation marks and stuff, nothing more.

Faceclaim - I can’t seem to open her faceclaim, can you leave the link here again, or choose another one?

Age - I’d like her age to be around 15-16 if that’s okay…

Also tell me your username lmao

Khaleesi Wixx
Thanks for putting your username at the end :joy:
Your faceclaims is good, nothing else to change :+1:

Just a question: Is she the type that is a motherly-figure and would help others more than her own?

Akio Miodora - name reminds me of Midoriya :joy:
Personality - Can you add a bit more depth to his personality? Can he also be the type to use magic by theories and calculations?

Biography - Can you also add more biography to him?

Acelina Feld
Biography - I need a bit more biography,
Other than that everything is fine!
Also tell me your username lmao…

Damn, too many overpowered people…

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Just finished signing up :sweat_smile:

Thank you :heart:
Btw, can anyone be able willing to make male characters and not-so-op characters?

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i’m working on my female character right now. i’m kinda having writers block, so it’s hard for me to write good and intresting biographies and personalities. if i get an idea, i’ll make average male character (or maybe freshman). :))

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Thank you! :joy:
We don’t have any freshman characters yet, so that is really going to help!

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I finished my other one as well yesterday.
but I could also make an freshmen male if you want. I don’t mind playing two characters

Thank you :black_heart:
Also question from above; what was your character name? :blush:

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Acelina, You didn’t have the username question yet when I made it :wink:

I got too carried away at the whole RP that I forgot the most important question :rofl::joy:


Also ^^

Your current biography

Acelina was born with her powers, but her parents did not want anything to do with it. from the moment she discovered it with her brother, she had to hide it from her parents. Her brother also has powers.

Her parents are rich but Acelina is a down to earth person. She doesn’t care about the money or the reputation that her parents want to keep. She just wants to live her life and use her powers to make a difference in the world someday


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What do you need? something about her power?

How she was able to hide her power, training of her powers and just more on about her past in general.

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okay, give me a few minutes :wink:

oh I’m trying to make my character unique, does it matter that my character won’t be using magic like with a wand and stuff? I’ll explain her magic in the bio, so let me know then (And don’t worry, it has limits to prevent it from being OP)

reserve for 2 males :smile: