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Submitted my character

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submitted my character. please tell me if something is wrong with her, i am still learning. :))


Follow up for Alaia Sanders?

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@pxqchy , can I change Marrissa’s alignment to Natural Elemental Spells?

And I thought I was keeping her popularity at 7.2? Since I gave up on necromancy…

Reserve for a male :see_no_evil::eyes:

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Scratch that I just finished the male :clap:

I wanted witches in this RP, that instead of a wand, it can be anything pointy or such.
But, I can work with that… depending on how you portray it in your bio :woman_shrugging: I may ask you to change it tho :sweat:

Your character is good, nothing to worry about!

Sure :slight_smile:

I thought we were gonna keep it as it is :thinking: But no worries, I’ll change it.

Thank you! :joy:
When would you like to start the RP?

  • End of this month
  • End of next month
  • Middle of next month
  • Other {Reply!}

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When making Arion, I didn’t see the ‘no thanks’ option in the council thing, but he’s not meant to bi in it :sweat_smile:

Haha, I just added that option now, since I realized there are some people who don’t want to be in the council :thinking:
No worries! Since I’ll ask the person before adding them into the council anyway :smiley:

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I wanted to use a different item (keys) that contain spirits who lend some of their magic to their holders, meaning the magic is ‘alive’ and you need to bond with the spirit before you can use it. It’s also limited to one element per key and limited to a number of spells per tier of a key. This is to make it less OP.

She can still use magic, all elements, use summonings and if needed circles. it just makes it a little different :wink:

if you don’t like it, I’ll just make it witch and stuff no problem of course.

Submitted my characters! Let me know if something’s wrong

Reminds me of that blonde chick from fairy-tail.
I also wanted my own style of witches, so maybe I’ll post a roleplay guide regarding my view of witches sooner or later, I’ll definitely post it though. But, I’ll allow your request.

Also a request for my part; your character has to know how to use a wand or such, since it’s a requirement for lessons :slight_smile:

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@pxqchy Sorry I’m so late I am Alaia Sanders @Izzy_Jxx and of course you can change the biography its fine you changed her age and grade and i couldn’t remember what picture i used for the face claim so here is a new one

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Reserve for one female and male…


Just a lil bump :slight_smile:

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What’s going on with the rp @pxqchy?

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