LA Background Needed!

I’m trying to find a background of LA/Hollywood, to show where the story is set. Anyone have something like this? Thank you :slight_smile:

I can look for one but do you want something like palm trees and skyline or the Hollywood sign itself? :blush:

Hi, @cloudy.nix!

Do you like it?

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Its 100% free! :heart:

Hey! My favorite:

2 more

BTW, I really hope it’s LA :face_with_hand_over_mouth::slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, @AmeliClemonte can I use them for my story?
They are awesome!

If you need edits, intros, outros, character cards, splashes or outfits, you can check my shop :hugs:

Yes, feel free to use them for your story!

Since they are from Pixabay no credit required :blob_sun:

I found those :blue_heart: