Label and picking

Hey morning all I was wondering if someone knows how to pick a choice of screen. So the Mc goes into labour and she can pick who goes with her either her best friend or someone who’s in love with her I had created both scenes but I can’t get the label right and the goto end right so if they pick friend then the friend is in the scene if they pick the guy he will be in the scene if that makes lol

You’ll have to code it like this:

Who do you want to go with you?
choice “Friend” {
goto go_with_friend
} “Lover” {
goto go_with_lover

label go_with_friend
#branch for going with bestie
goto end

label go_with_lover
#branch for going with lover
goto end

label end
#end scene here

This is just an example, you can change the labels however you want. (:

you actualy do not need lables for this, you can just copy the scenes inside the choice.

Since this is a simple choice

Who will go with me?
“friend” {
#here insert the scene for friend
#here insert the scene for lover


Thank you it’s worked :grin:


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