"label does not exist" help pls

My script is filled with more than 10 “labels do not exist” in my limited customization template. I’ve tried seeking help in previous forums, but nothing helps. Here is part of the script:

Ezra Daili: Bound to Hades

Chapter 1.

You will be playing as Ezra Daili. She is of Egyptian descent, so customization will be only be SLIGHTLY limited. So don't be discouraged!

@EZRA stands screen center and EZRA faces right and EZRA starts idle

Do you want to customize Ezra?

“Yes I want to customize!” {

goto fem_skin1

} “No I don’t” {

goto label female_end1

}“Skin Tone” {
goto fem_skin1
} “Hair” {
goto fem_hair1
} “Eyes” {
goto fem_eyes1
} “Eyebrows” {
goto fem_brows1
} “Face Shape”{
goto fem_face1
} “Nose” {
goto fem_nose1
} “Mouth” {
goto fem_mouth1
} “This is perfect!” {
goto female_end1

label fem_skin1

Skin tones.

“Medium Skin Colors”{
goto skincolor_medium1
}“Dark Skin Colors”{
goto skincolor_dark1

label skincolor_light1

Medium skin tones.

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]
“Olive” {
@EZRA changes bodyColor into Olive
goto skincolor_mediu

which and?

alright I’ll try

Hello there,
The case of the AND/and doesn’t change anything, I use lowercase “and” all the time, “AND” is just easier to see.

There isn’t any light skin colour, right?

:thinking: This is just the way you copied and pasted it, right? Having a “goto” point to a label that doesn’t exist or is misspelled would be why the computer is whining at ya, even if you just haven’t made the label yet.

nothing changes, the problem is in the customization template

yeah i copied it from the Daria girl’s template

I mean, I’d think that label would be skincolor_medium1, since light skin tones aren’t available, and you give medium skin tones right below it.

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i removed it for limited customization

you might be right since i thought i took it off for limited customization

Oh wait, I see what’s probably causing the error.

The choice whether to customise blends right into the CC template.

I’d put the choice whether to CC first, then start the CC template exactly the way Dara Amarie set it up:

Do you want to customise?

goto female_custom1
goto after_cc

label female_custom1
@EZRA stands screen center and EZRA faces right and EZRA starts idle

What do you look like?

“Skin Tone” {
etc etc

alright i’m about to try it out

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I recommend making your own label after the CC is done (ie. a label not included in Dara’s template) where the CC and the non-CC converge. :+1: Having the non-CC goto something in the CC template just complicates things. :slight_smile:

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it finally worked after an eternity thank you so much!!!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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