Label doesnt exist

Hey! I’m sorry can you pls tell me what should I do if “label doesn’t exist”

Maybe because there’s no punctuation at line 25?

Also make sure there’s one on line 38.

did you spell it right with goto

Because you never use any “goto MENU_ROAD”

This is my first episode so I didn’t use it, I don’t understand where I should put it. About 25 line I didn’t understand it either. I made it step by step from tutorials… I do no why it’s doesn’t work

label menu_road

goto start_episode
goto previously_episode
goto customisation
} “SKIP” {
Are you sure you want to skip this episode?
“Yes” {
goto end_episode
} “No” {
goto menu_road

label start_episode
#here your episode
goto end_episode

label previously_episode
#here what happened in the previous episode
goto menu_road

label customisation
#here the cc of your character(s)
goto menu_road

label end_episode
End of the episode.

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Try it like this

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I pasted you text but it didn’t worked so I tried to change the label but it’s doesn’t work

I edited it. Try now?

the same mistake((

Just add the conversation, the error will go away

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thanks a lot!!!

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