Label Error, I need help


I used a customization template and this error showed up and I’ve tried to redo it and nothing is working, Im really confused…

The error says “The label fem_brows2 does not exist” How do I fix it?


Hello @Alexyaepi

Did you create the label before saying to go to said label?


yeah I did


I think…


Can I see your script?


yeah one sec



i got the script from @Dara.Amarie


Yeah, it looks like you haven’t created the label. Try putting label fem_brows2 above NARRATOR and see if that works.


ok, I was confused because I didn’t create the other labels and they are working :thinking:


It just said the other one didn’t exist when I did that


Hmm, could you copy and paste the entire customization part of your script here? I’ll go through it and try to fix it for you. I think there’s something funky with the labels lol :thinking:


One sec, I think i just fixed it. Let me just preview and if it looks wierd, I’ll send it to you :grin:


Ughh it works, It just won’t let me change the eyebrows now…


I’ll just use it anyway and give another chance in a different episode, Thanks for the help :blue_heart:


Any time! :two_hearts:


It looks like you deleted the skin sections which you also deleted the label for the brows. If you need a limited customization template go to my workshop: LIMITED Character Customization Templates & WORKSHOP!


I need one for just no eyeColor or hairColor