Label help! Character enters from X to screen Y?


I’m confused?? I just want to make a label and it says “Use @CHARACTER enters from X to screen Y” as an error.


Use this reference
@CHARACTER enters from left,right to screen left, right or center


Where? Why? I just want to make a label; I included my characters entering below the label :frowning:


like @jadlyss said you need to add a screen position when they enter as well

Your command:
@CHARACTER enters from right

you need to add:

@CHARACTER enters from right to screen left/center/right


Oh my goodness! I didn’t realize I forgot to add that. I thought something was wrong with the way I was doing the label, not the actual screen commands because of where the warning was… Thanks so much to both of you for solving my silly mistakes! :woman_facepalming:


we all do silly mistakes sometimes! don’t worry :smiley: