Label inside a choice... branching and point system

Is it really not possible to make a label inside a choice??

If so why?

I need advice and help when branching a story

And how to remeber choices from episode to episode…

And how the point system works…

  1. You cannot make a label inside of a choice, mostly because if you put in your script goto label.
    And it’s inside of a choice the reader didn’t pick, I’m pretty sure it would cause an insane amount of bugs!

  2. When it comes to branching there is two techniques to remembering choices, either using gains or the name your choice method.

  3. As long as you add a gain, or name your choice no matter what Episode you are in, it’ll remember.

  4. The point system is really helpful for character relationship development or even playing a game, here is a forum thread that’s really helpful at explaining it.

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