Label & Scene After is Combining. Help please!

So I am trying to make a choice inside a choice where the reader can choose whether or not to fix the character’s hair and makeup again. What I did was I put “goto label hair_and_lip_x”, because that was a previous label I used for the same hair and makeup customization. After the reader then finishes the edits, the story is supposed to continue. However, the problem is that the scene that was after the original label keeps playing again.

I tried attaching a screen recording of what happens, but it says it isn’t authorized. However, I can always DM you the video if someone can help.


@cut to zone 2

@NALANI enters from left to screen center AND NALANI is run_athletic_neutral_loop

@KONA stands screen center in zone 1

@KONA changes into KONA_work

@NALANI is dustoff_neutral_loop

@NALANI changes into NALANI_work

NALANI (talk_think_neutral)
Should I fix my hair and makeup again before I go?

“Yeah, change it up!”{

goto label hair_and_lip_x

#continue story

}“No, keep it the same”{

#continue story


NALANI (talk_exhausted)
I’m going to get fired.

You don’t have to put the word label
You should just put
goto hair_and_lip_x

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if I understand right what you try to do is

  1. custamozation

  2. story goes on

  3. offering again customiztion by sending reader back to 1

  4. then you want him from 1 to jump to this point.

Well label which you used tell where to go so you would need another label in 4) and send reared after the customization there

To be sure he will go to 4 only after the second customization you need to add gain in 3) in the yes option

and add under 1) if/else with this gain - so the script will be able to recognise
who is customizing for first time and should go to 2) and
who is custimizing for 2 time and has to go to 4)

I’m sorry, could you please explain that again? I’m really confused.

by using the lable and goto you have send reader back to start of the story where you have the customization.


If you do just this the script is not able to recognise that the reader had already read part after the CC so it will let him read again what you have right after the CC.

And that is (if I understand right your issue) what is hapening.

Do I get your problem right?

If so, you have created a loop.

The same CC is used two times in the same episode but you have nothing after the CC to let the script know

ok this one is for first time doing this CC so he shoul read what is right after the CC.

Oh this one reads it for second time so he should not read what is right after CC but he has to jump to line XY.

But you have no code there how the script can recognise the two different readers.
So you have to add there

if/ else

in which you will tell the script where the reader should go after the CC

basicly where you have the choice to customize again ADD in the

“yes change it up”{
goto hair…

And right under this choice add new label

label GO_HERE

And right under the CC add if/else

goto GO_HERE

I got it now! Thank you so much <3

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