Labelling error

It says The label “DRINK” is never used…How do I get it to accept my label without coming up as a warning?

You need a goto DRINK in your story : )

If it’s saying your label doesn’t exist, then most likely you don’t have a goto for it.

But you have to make the label for it to goto it and this was what I was doing?

Can you post a screenshot?

Ok, so a goto leads to a label.

Which means goto DRINK would lead to label DRINK, so if you don’t have a goto for your label, your label will show up as an error…I hope it makes sense what I’m trying to say XD

Here, read this on labels and gotos:

*P.S A goto leading to a label needs to share the same name and a label can have many gotos leading to it, however you can’t have duplicate labels within an Episode.

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Unless you plan on going back to this scene by adding a goto DRINK in your episode then you need to remove label DRINK.

I am going to go back to it

All right, then you’ll have to add goto DRINK in the place in your script where you want the episode to take the reader back to this scene (to label DRINK).

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Oh I get it. Thank you!

No problem :wink: :jack_o_lantern:

@Jeremy can you close this thread please?

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