Labels are not working!

Hi! I’m writing a story atm and I’m using overlays in the intro (customize characters or start the episode). The problem is that I am using the label system but it’s not working! What’s weird is that I don’t get an error, it just doesn’t work.

I used a label in the customize choice, when you are done customizing your character to go back to the main menu. So it goes like this:

label main_menu


(customize character blabla)

goto main_menu


(episode blablabla)


I really don’t know what the issue is and i’ve been trying to figure it out the whole day :weary: so if anybody has any idea, please reply, tysm!! :two_hearts:

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Have you played it through on your phone?

I did, and it still doesn’t work:(

Can you post the script for me please? :blush:

It would be handy if you could post the part of your script with the labelling here to see where a mistake may have been made


(there’s only the customization template in between the two pictures!)


Is that the entire script? Bc there are parts missing. You direct to a label that isn’t there

okay so I think I get what the problem is. the goto" should be moved somewhere else

you know the part where the narrator is asking if you’re happy with the look and the answer is “yes”
in that choice put down goto main_menu as well as Elena exiting and the transitioning
therefore remove the dialogue after the choices about transitioning and exiting and zoom reset and let me know if it works

When you write goto fem_hairDye_White_1 there needs to be a corresponding label to go to.

is a label taking you to the wrong spot or are they just not tappable?

thanks i’ll try it out! :blush:

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it’s just not working, the story is stuck to the customizing scene

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okie, update me !

It’s because you have code missing

The goto female_custom_1 isn’t working, there’s an error that says that is needs to end the branch

what code?

wait nvm i put it at the wrong spot haha I’ll try again

You need to have labels that correspond with the goto.
So if you code goto Section_two then somewhere in the script there needs to be a label Section_two so it knows where to go.

From what I can see in the picture you sent, there are labels missing. Also, you send the reader to the same label for each hair colour. But if the label isn’t there, it has nowhere to go.

Did you remove a chunk from the customization template? to make it limited? hence why some labellings are missing. you need re add the customization template from Dara.amerie’s and <LOCKED" choice the options you dont want your readers to choose

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so is your character supposed to walk on screen and change their hair white? because that’s what its saying. i’m guessing you want your reader to choose options though, right? is that part just left out of the screen shot?

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