Labels Playing both scenes? (SOLVED)


Hi! this probably has an obvious answer but I’m getting really stressed out over this. So let’s say my character is choosing between a caramel and pumpkin spice latte, if they choose the first option then it will play the stuff under the label… but then it plays what would happen if they chose the second option.



You need to have a “goto” at the end of each scene that goes to a label onces both scenes are finished.

label caramel

[scene for caramel]

goto merge_branches

label pumpkin_spice

[scene for pumpkin spice]

goto merge_branches

label merge_branches

[rest of story continues here]


I didn’t understand but ok​:joy::joy:


I’m still confused this is what my script looks like.


Do exactly what I did above with the bolded words. At the end of both scenes where you story continues, there needs to a label that merges both scenes. Then at the end of the caramel scene, put a “goto” to that label, then do the same thing at the end of the pumpkin spice scene. This is so that your pumpkin spice scene doesn’t start playing once the caramel scene is done.


I’m sorry, I’m probably so annoying. I did everything and everything was fine and then this happened. 00%20PM


How did you put it in your script?



Get ride of both those “INT. BLACK - NIGHT”. You can’t start a scene with a “goto”


Thank you! That fixed it!!


No problem :smiley:


Thanks for replying @Dara.Amarie! Closing thread :v:t2: