Labels playing the same scene

You would still need to play the choice through and it still won’t remember it, it will automatically play the else … I’ve always tested on the app so if they’ve updated how the web preview works I wasn’t aware of it :sweat_smile:

Oh. You can do the same thing on the web preview. The only difference is that the web previewer won’t start off with anything gained. You’ll have to manually select the flag to gain it, but it would actually remember it as long as you don’t exit your script or refresh the page.
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Ooh. Good to know! Thanks :grin:

I took away the gain and still the same issue. Whats flaging?

I just tested it on the app, same issue. I might just have to change the script…

There’s two scenes for each outcome choice if you get me…

@Jade.epi is right, having two gotos don’t make sense in this


The gotos follow each other and it would automatically go to the first one assuming you had a label for it.

You can’t do this. Having two gotos right next to each does not make sense. It will just ignore the 2nd one below since it will go the first.

Flags are gains.

So how do I fix it? I need the scenes to branch at different times in the script.

Choice: Yes
Choice: No

Each choice branches out at different intervals in the script if you get me hence why theres two goto because they branch at different times.

First choice would branch out correctly but then I need it to remember the choice for later on. Maybe I put the ifs and elifs later on in the script?


Pick something.

gain yes
gain no

Then to remember it for the rest of the episodes:

if (yes) {
#scene for remembering yes choice goes here.
} else {
#scene for remembering no choice goes here.

Check out more here: Using if/elif/else to Remember Past Choices and Tara explains: Ifs, elses, gains, labels, gotos and the points system!

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Ok, so I basically have to rewrite the whole section. Oh well, thanks anyway

if (yes) {
goto hospital_with_dylan
} else {
goto hospital_without_dylan

label hospital_with_dylan
#story line for going to hospital with Dylan goes here
goto merge_story
label hospital_without_dylan
#story line for going to hospital without Dylan goes here
goto merge_story
label merge_story
#back to main storyline

NP :black_heart:

Thats really confusing and I still have to rewrite everything but thanks anyway x

Hey guys

I wanted to thank you all for your help. After a bit of tinkering, I found a way to make it work.

What I basically did is scrap the gain and instead, rewrote two different scenarios which all ended in the go the “to be continued” section.

So for example, after the first choice, I sent it to the end.

Then rewrote the scenes again for the other choice and sent it all to the end.

I know its the long way to do it but I just found it much easier than the merge sequence. Its much more effective.

I love how we all can help each other in this community and I really appreciate it.

Thank you all again xx

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Hey Syndey

Thanks, I’ll check it out

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