Lack of clothes for trans men

Does anyone else feel like there’s a huge lack of clothes for trans men? Like how there’s a lot more “male” tops with a “female” bust, but there’s almost no clothing the other way around. I know not all trans man have flat chests, but it feels limiting & unfair.
Just my two cents. What do you all think?


Even just like baggy pants or basketball shorts would be great.

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I made a topic about it years ago, and no change since then, so yes.

I’d say there is.

They definitely need a flat chested preset so we can actually introduce some flat chest corresponding shirts in the portal. Not to mention, when we want to make characters who may be children or have breast cancer a flat chested preset would be such a great option

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The Crop Tank Cotton Grey Black looks similar to a binder if you want to represent trans men that have a masculine frame but haven’t had top surgery.

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