Lack of daily challenges and choice of the day


Hi everyone!
For about two weeks when I start Episode app neither a choice of the day nor a daily challenge appear. I thought maybe something might change after the update, but I was wrong. Is this the fault of my application? Or has it been withdrawn? I have Android OS if it’s useful. Please help!
If I wrote it in the wrong section, I’m really sorry :frowning:


Hi. It stopped for me too for like one month ago.


Hi! If you submit a ticket to our support team they’ll be happy to help you out :slight_smile:


Wait, that’s a thing?


I only get the 'read 4 episodes and get a prize ones. Are their other ones I’m missing out on?


Yep, it’s true.


There is also Choice of the Day, everyday you have to choose one of two options, for which you get 1 gem. It looks just like the screenshot, which @Nightary added above.


I’ve honestly never seen that or heard of it in my life :joy: guess I am missing out


Is it only on IOS? Or is my game just lacking it for whatever reason? (A better rephrased of it is when it was working for you, was it on IOS?)


Do you mean daily challenges? On iOS this is what it looks like on my iPhone:


You’re right, I should mark it in the post. I don’t think it’s only for IOS, because I have Android and I had it at the beginning when I started playing.


Yes, that’s what I mean. On my phone with Android it looked exactly the same until the button has disappeared, through which I could see, for example, the progress of how many chapters I have just read (as on the first screen) :frowning:


I haven’t gotten the Choice of the Day in six months


I just got mine this month and it was released some time ago :joy::joy::sneezing_face: