Lack of Gay stories

WHY ARE THERE NO GAY EPISODES?!?! There was literally an ad where I could choose a gay story but yet there’s no gay story?? Hmmm

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Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is an Episode-specific post! :v:t2:

@Codysgay please try the search feature prior to creating threads. Chances are they have already been made. Thanks! :peace_symbol:

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This is a mood. Episodes drops lots of cute lesbian ads for stories they don’t have. The key to finding gay stories is to ignore everything by Episode, because it’s all more het than a Nicholas Sparks novel, and stick to user stories.


I know, right? I’m a girl, and absolutely have no attraction to men. Yet most of the time, the story love interests are men. :expressionless:

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100% agree.

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