Lack of Male Authors

Hey guys, my name is Nate and I am one of the few male authors on this platform, I have been a reader for a few months now and I personally haven’t come across any stories that include a male MC. The only two male authors I know of are Joseph Evans and Lucky. I just wanted to get everyone’s opinion on the lack of male authors in the community and your thoughts. I hope these discussions will result in more stories from a male’s point of view and that we can find some underrated stories by diverse authors from different ethnic backgrounds, religions, genders etc. Leave your thoughts and opinions below!


FEATURE: Shelf for MALE authors :heart:


hey im a male author as well. some others i know of who have written male MCs are Alvar M. and MeMyselfAndI. although i believe memyselfandi has been inactive for a while. and i can recommend my male mc story if you wish :slight_smile:


I would love to read your story! :slight_smile:

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I know Male author.

He’s a good kid.
I 100% agree with Male MC’s.
I’m writing a new story that features a male MC in hopes that others will be encouraged to write with them well.


Hello fellow male author! I believe we need a shelf for us!


Thank you, Sam!


Anytime Cam. You all are a rare breed on the platforms.


I can’t wait to read it!

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If you need help with promoting your story let me or Cam know. We are huge supporters in the small author community.

Your support is so helpful, thanks so much. :smile:

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Yes there are far less male authors. Because there are significantly less male reading episode. You can even track the male ratio on Forum.
It’s logical, and I see no problem here. No one is discriminating male authors, and popular male authors are just another proof of it.

Hello there!

I’m a male soon-to-be author that will make books with male main characters.


We know there are popular male authors, and I haven’t personally seen or experienced discrimination against male authors, we would just like to see more stories from male authors and from a male’s point of view.


Well, there are stories from male POV, not much but they are there, and I’m pretty sure there is at least one thread with male POV stories. So the point here. Most here are females, and most write from female POV, because the most readers are females. It’s just how it is. You mentioned lucky.episode. I LOVE his stories, they are great, but he also writes from female POV.
So yep. It’s logical, and to change it would take to bring a lot of male readers, which I don’t see happening in the near future.
What you can do, is write your own story from male POV.

I have a thread here of Male POV stories: Male MC stories List 💖 Not all of them are written by male authors though, I believe the majority are females writing about male point of view stories.


It Was Written In The Stars by Mars X. :ok_hand:

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I’m a male author here!
I mean – I don’t have anything published because of school, procrastination, and a general unmotivated attitude to write, but, I am here!


no one here is claiming that male authors are being discriminated against. i think this post’s purpose was to merely bring to light that male authors are hard to come by, especially considering the OP had only heard of two and had yet to come by a male mc. and even though episode has significantly more women as their audience, the proportions are still off when it comes to the stories. for example ive never ever seen a single episode-written story or episode featured gem story that has a male mc, or even an option for one. correct me if im wrong but ive never seen one. the ratio should not be 100 to 0. and even on shelves its far too rare to see a male mc. we are the minority but we arent nonexistent. i dont think the lower numbers of male readers should mean that we get zero episode written stories or not even a choose-your-gender story if episode absolutely must have a female mc in every single one of the stories they make or feature with gems. however it does make sense that theres at least two popular male authors, i can understand where youre coming from with that.


@JackAttack95 is a male author!! He wrote a story called Razors from a males POV and it’s pretty bomb :smile: