Lady Anne's Outline Contest 1(RESULTS OUT)


Also can all of you share my outline contest with your friends please. If you can? :smile:


This is my entry
Decided to go with a red riding hood theme cuz I couldnt come up with anything creative :joy::joy:
Sorry this is awful


OMG!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: I LOVE IT :scream: :scream: :sob: :sob: It’s so creative honestly I never would’ve come up with an idea like this :sparkling_heart: Just by looking at it even before I read what you wrote I knew this edit was based of red riding hood :heart: Thank you so much for joining my outline contest :blush:


I am sooo joining!


Awwww…thank you :heart: I can’t wait to see your entry :blush:


Id love to join, but is it possible to add accessories since I think its still in the category “clothes”


Of course you can :blush: They pretty much are in the same category :thinking:


Is it too late to join


You can still join :slightly_smiling_face: The deadline is the 3rd of November.


@lady_anne.editz can I make more of the same ones? Just not as part of the contest?


Sure you can😊 As long as you give credit❤️ I hope I don’t sound mean or anything😕


entering! :yellow_heart:


Can I enter?


Yes please :heart: The deadline is the 3rd of November :slight_smile:


Should we make both outlines or one is enough?

My Entry


You can make both or one. It’s up to you :blush:


OMG!!! I LOVE IT :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Thank you so much for entering :sob: :sob: :heart: :heart:


Heyy! I really want to join, but I am very busy so I don’t know if I am done in time…


Heyy, my arts are done!




Hi! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ENTERING!!! :heart: :heart: I LOVE IT SO MUCH :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: The shirt on the first outline and the hair on the second one is just :sob: :sob: :sob: there are no words :scream: :scream: All of you have truly blown my mind away :heart: :heart: Thanks again for entering :sparkling_heart: