Lady Anne's Outline Contest 2


This looks AMAZING!!! I love the tattoos and the highlights :sob: :sob: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Also the way you did your initials glowing adds that nice touch to your entry :blush: Thank you so much for entering! :sparkling_heart:


Thank you sweetie! <3


Hi there… I don’t kno if you’ve heard but a girl called RosenSun has been stealing every single piece of my artwork and others… she took my original piece for this and took out my watermark…

I’d like to enter the contest with MY original one:

Her account was banned I think…? She violated the rules and it said on a thread so I’m guessing it was taken down.

Hope you’ll let me enter! <3


Omg :fearful: I am so sorry. I had no idea :tired_face: @RosenSun is this true? If so I will not be able to accept you’re entry :pensive: But as I said before but to @RosenSun but since this is your work I think this is beautiful and absolutely stunning :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: You are truly an amazing editor :sparkling_heart: heart: Hopefully all of this comes to end with the stealing and thank you for entering :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:


Whens the deadline again?


Her account has been silenced, it said on a thread that she violated the rules. :confused:


It was the 30th of November but I have been waiting for someone to enter which asked to enter a while back but she hasn’t entered yet so I’m confused. @PixieAf ?


I didn’t know that. Oh well.


Not only has she stolen yours BUT MANY MORE :o


Um - hi.

If you didn’t already know this got sorted out with an admin and Toxic.

It isn’t your business anyways - but can you not? You don’t wanna get your account suspended for false accusations. I know myself better than you and I know that I only took from toxic and nobody else. And, you have no proof. Please be mature here and try to not get this thread taken down.

If you wanna argue, do it in PMs with someone else.


Give her another chance, people are able to change :rage:


That’s the thing she’s had too many chances anyway let’s drop it because I don’t what get banned


Ok, not wasting my breath for a dead-man…
What’s the point in telling a corpse to change?


Oof that was a roast to both me and her :joy::joy: (I find this funny tho fr like I’m not trying to be smart ass I actually find this funny) and idk


Heh, its been a while since the deadline :sweat_smile: @lady_anne.editz


Hello @Toxic_Dreams you know the girl/guy who stole your art? Yeah they did it again. Go have a look on @Turtle_Cat’s brutally honest art review! :frowning:


Hey, I’m new to writing on Episode, and I would like to do my own cover for my story, how would I do this and what software would I use to do this?? :smile: xx


They did it ages ago, and I was well aware of it that time too. Thanks for telling me anyways tho! :slight_smile:


Oops dorry didn’t realize :joy:


I use ibis Paint X for everything :slightly_smiling_face: