Lady Lapis's Backrounds and More

Since the forums are closing soon, I thought I’d post the backgrounds that I have made so far. Some of these have been posted already in (now closed) Official Background Sharing Thread, and some of these are new and have never been posted.
No credit is needed.

Edit: 6/13/24 Everything is put up on my Google Drive. I’ll continue adding stuff here until the forums close, and future backgrounds will be on the drive. I’ve also made a .zip folder of everything so far.

Polar Opposites Dorm Room

Twin Sisters Dorm Room- Edit 6/11/24: Fixed mistake on one of the overlays.

Retro Apartment- Striped Walls
Livingroom and Kitchen

Front Doorway

Hallway Doors



Retro House- Yellow Walls
Living Room


Retro House- Red Walls- Edited 6/7: More stuff added.

Indian Wedding Reception

Chinese Wedding Reception

Literature Classroom, Edit 6/11/24: Fixed error on desktops.

Geography Classroom, Added 6/11/24

Eighties Mall- Edit 6/16/24: New Stuff Added

Store Hallways

Video Place

Holidays Everyday

EPIPennie (Thats supposed to be a parody of JCPenny)

EPIPennie Womens' Department

EPIPennie Mens' Department

EPIPennie Childrens' Department

EPIPennie Furniture and Dining- Added 6/16/24

Opalescence Cosmetics

Fancee's Candies

Info Desk and Payphone

Vintage Girls' Bedroom- Edit 6/11/24: Added Nighttime variation.

Retro Apartment 2

Retro Apartment 3 Edit: 6/11/24- Added Doorway

Quinceañera- Added 6/7

Vintage Girls' Room 2- New Added 6/11/24

Miscellaneous Stuff- Edited 6/7: More stuff added.

My Edits- Edit 6/8/24- More things added

I also have a few overlays. I used to have more, but they were lost when my old system crashed. You can find them in the old Overlay Sharing thread.

Incubator Babies

Classic Style Babies

classicbabedark classicbabedark2 classicbabelight classicbabelight2 classicbabetan classicbabetan2

New 6/7/24: Cell phone overlays from a story I’m writing that takes place during the 2000s.

2000's phones


taracellphone ravencellphoneelijahcellphoneelijahlandline

Finally, some outfits I’ve made over the years. I always meant to make more, but never did.

Halloween Costumes

Decade Fashions

Wedding Attire

New 6/8/24: Baby bundles in carriages and carriers. These are remade versions, the old versions (which I have since disowned, because they are crud) are in the old overlay sharing thread.

Baby carriages and carriers.

New 6/10/24: Misc. Overlays

Other stuff.


New 6/12/24: Church Bus Overlay

Church Bus


These are amazing!

Omg!! I been looking for Indian & Chinese Wedding BG’s :pleading_face: How do I credit you <3

You can credit me as just Lady Lapis. No credit is really needed.


Do you mind if the new ones are posted on the thread (with credit, of course). And hi! I didn’t know you were on the server. Your backgrounds are really nice and helpful! :two_hearts:

Sure, go ahead. I have a few more things I haven’t posted yet, so I’ll try to get those up either today or tomorrow.

Oh my wow I really love these!!

omg I love the babies! :pleading_face:


Bumping the thread to let everyone know I’ve updated my Google Drive (link in first post).