Lake background needed!

Does anyone have a lake day background that I could use for a summer lake party and overlay’s for the lake for people swimming in the water?!
Will credit!

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i could make one if you want

would you charge me for it?

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no of course not

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do you want me to make the decorations or do you already have them?

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Ok thank you so much and you can have fun with it but I just want like a simple little lake party background :upside_down_face:

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do you know which type of foods you want there or can it be any?

You can have any just like simple foods like maybe a bowl of chips or cheesies and maybe some hot dogs and hamburgers it’s really up to you as I said you can have fun with it :slight_smile:

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here ya go!

(the water overlays are for if you want your characters to be swimming at different layers)


water overlays

table overlays

i’m sorry there’s a lot of overlays😭

Omg thank you so much ! I love it !

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I’m glad! and of course, anytime:)