Lana Augustine Art Scene Maker CLOSED Until 06/15/19


@minnehaaa (An old request I forgot about😂)




Megz (Instagram request)
K.kulcarni (Instagram request)
Dolfineeditz (Instagram request)
Episode.mdfnd (Instagram request)
Justblossoms.writes (Instagram request)

These are so good, omg! :exploding_head::blob_hearts:

Can people only request art scenes?


You can ask for what ever.

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Can I request a large cover? If yes, how many characters can I request?


Oh shot, I saw that and still ask the question. My bad.

Here is the information.

Character detail


For Ryan’s hair could it be the hair you have in the last example/picture?


Anything red or black.
Can the title be “Bad Behavior” only if it can fit?


Can Alana be in the middle?
For Alana: Can she have an unimpressed face? Resting bitch face.
For Lucas: selfie_pose
For Ryan: laugh_giggle_pose


Do you need to know anything else?

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Are you sure you want those poses? I can really do any pose you want. It doesnt have to be episodes related.

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I wasn’t sure. Can you freestyle a facial expression for them?

Pose for Ryan

Pose for Alana

Pose for Lucas

The second pose on the left.

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Yup😀 im gonna start right now.

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Thank you so much! :blob_hearts:
I’m going to follow you on Instagram, right now.

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Got it…

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this is literally amazing! i need a cover art soooo bad!
following NOW!


Follow awaaaayy😍

i don’t need anything, but you’re so talented omg! :star_struck:

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Hi💛 Can I request an art?

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I would like to request a cover


Her Expression is the one she’s doing in the pic too
Her Pose:


IMG_20190519_002300 (That’s her top, she’s wearing the shorts she’s wearing on the first pic)

Story title: Jinri’s Boredom
My episode username: CStation

Her details:
Skin: Rose 00
Face shape:Diamond
Eyebrows: Arched thin high (black dark)
Eyes: Deepset downturned (black brown)
Hair: Straight medium (black dark)
Nose: Defined natural
Lips: Small heart (rose light nude gloss)

Thanks! :revolving_hearts::green_heart: Love your art :heart_eyes:

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Go a head

Skin - Neutral 02
Brows - Arched thin dark brown
Hair - Over shoulder braid platinum blonde
Face - Round down turned wide ice blue
Nose - Round soft
Nose - Round button upturned
Lips - Full heart pouty pink beige matte

I need something like this

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Would it be possible?

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u already have an amazing large cover!

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