Lana Augustine Art Scene Maker CLOSED Until 06/15/19

I think you’re thinking of my small cover. :sweat_smile:

Sorry, @LanaAugustine I don’t mean to spam this.

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Thank you so much​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Take as much time as you need​:heart:

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Just to let you guys know.

Im a college student so timing may very depending on how much classwork I have during the week. I might not be available on Wensdays and Sunday since those are my due dates.:heart_eyes:


lol sorry- I probably meant the one that was through @epy.elegance. it’s absolutely gorgeous x

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Hey I’d love an art scene from you :heart::heart:


Can the characters be hugging and the girl have her head on the guy with her arms wrapped around his waist and the guy hugging the girl back and blushing.
The guys height is 6 foot 5 and the girls height is 5 foot 5
Can the girl have lots of freckles and a moon necklace that looks kinda like this :crescent_moon:
And can the guy have a nose piercing
Can the guy have the word forgotten tattooed oh his neck in cursive
And can they be wearing the same outfits in the detail banners but can the girl have the moon necklace instead of the pendant one

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This is what I got so far… Ik you want Alana in the middle.


I like so far. I picked a good pose!

So I colored it in and stuff

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It’s looking good, so far :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ok shes done

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I like it!

This is so pretty! :heart_eyes:

Can i request a art scene?

I would love to request a cover! It’s fine if you can’t do it right now since many people are asking you, but here are the details of my character:


Neutral 2
Round Medium (Deep Brown)
Short Wavy Asymmetrical (Deep Brown)
Deepset Downturned (Green Emerald)
Heart Soft
Round Button Upturned
Full Heart Pouty (Beige Light Gold Matte)

The girl name’s Alexis, and she should look annoyed and holding a booking number!
Can you create this in your style?

Desc: Alexis gets caught red handed and sent to jail for kidnapping and assault. But the thing is, she didn’t do it. Can she survive jail, and along the way, fall in love?

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If you don’t mind me asking, what do you use for making these masterpieces?:heart_eyes:

You dont have to ask just put your stuff down below.

Ibispaint x
Snapseed for filters.

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What? Please organize your items in a way I can understand.

Thanks :heartpulse:

I want the mc (Kianna) to be doing this pose and for a purple background
Skin colour: Rose 2
Brow: Arched Natural Scar
Brow and hair colour: Chestnut Brown
Hair:Long Feathered Bangs Blunt
Eyes: Deepset Downturnt
Eye colour: Hazel Dark
Face: Round Soft
Nose:Defined Natural
Lip:Full Heart Pouty
Lip colour: Rose Matte


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