Lana Augustine Character Shop CLOSED 😽

I’m accepting requests for character edits. Waist Up!
ONLY Limelight is accepted FEMALE only! (Sorry ink fan…)
Only one character Per entry.
Here are some examples:


Can you do this one? tysm

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Yup! Send your details!:heart_eyes:

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Olive, Classic Natural, Beachwave (Auburn), Upturned Bold (Green), Oval, Aqiline, Classic (Terracotta)

Kitty Cat Tee, Red Sport Chic Leggings, Black Skinny Flip Flops

I would love if you could spice up this Limelight Character!


Click on Picture for full profile


Skin Tone: Copper 03
Brow: Round Thin High
Hair/Color: Long Straight Loose Bangs Sideswept Solid/ Black Dark
Eyes/Color: Deepset Downturned/ Brown Light
Face Shape: Round Soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips/Color: Full Heart Pouty/ Red Deep Gloss

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Hi idk if it’s just my phone but I can’t see the examples please can you check if you put it up?

I forgot that i recently just deleted all my pictures so i dont have any on my phone. But here are some screenshots from my instagram.


I change my mind im only doing l.l. Sorry :sweat:

Ok here’s my request :laughing:

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@superwriter7 done

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Working on yours next

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Is there any specific look you want?
I turned this

Into this

Thank you!!

Maybe modern trendy chic? I’m not picky… You do you :smile:

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@Cassandra_Dean done!

@AshlynG starting on yours now.

Oh my gosh! I love it!

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