Lana Cover Art & Special Art Scene And More Creator (INK ONLY) CLOSED BUT WILL BE BACK!


What’s your episode username?:
What’s your Story Title:
Please enter your story description:
THIS IS A MUST (for any new comers) IF YOU DON’T HAVE THIS IN YOUR DETAIL YOU WILL BE IGNORED!!! :no_entry_sign:Cover Size: 420x580 small cover/966x642 large cover/640x1136 in story cover or art scene:no_entry_sign:
Would you like any extra text on the cover:
How many characters do you want on the cover?
Please attach a cover reference image if you have one or a base!:
what’s your character’s deatails:
Screenshots of the characters:
Anything else?:
First come first served

** BEAU10 - 966x642 Large Cover**
1. Queen Large and Small Cover
2.Benzie.stories 2 Splashed
3. Epy.Tara On hold Until fixed
4.Briana 640x1136


My episode username is the same one on here. My stories called The End. Leilani is the last of her kind and it’s up to her to determine what happens to the other elements. I only want the two charcters on it. Also can you make her hold a gun if possible.

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Got it! Working on it now.


What size cover is it and did you have any outfits in mind?

You can make it any size and can you have the girl wearing a red and black outfit and they guy wearing a grey and red outfut.

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This is what I got so far.


Omg it’s coming out so well!:smile:

Hi! I really like your work and I was wondering if you could do me a cover?
There are 12 characters. Let me know if you can do it☺️ Thanks either way.

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I have two people ahead of you. So if you can wait that long SURE! :kissing_cat:

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That’s completely fine, I’ll send you the details tomorrow.:slight_smile:

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Am I able to request? :relaxed:


I’ll send the deets!

Username: May_Episode
Story Title: Deadly Secrets
Description: You meet a boy who is perfect. Everything about him is to die for. Even the most perfect can have the most deadliest secrets…
Art Scene Request
Extra Text: No Text
Character’s deets: *2 characters
*Female Skin: Caramel
Male Skin: Caramel
Female Eyes: Upturned Feline & Color: Blue
Male Eyes: Stoic Almond & Color: Green
Female Nose: Upturned
Male Nose: Button
Female Mouth: Classic & Color: Bordeaux
Male Mouth: Uneven & Color: Terracotta
Female Eyebrows: Classic Natural
Male Eyebrows: Thin Arch
Female Hair: Straight & Color: Chestnut
Male Hair: Long Bangs & Color: Black
Female Face: Oval
Male Face: Diamond

Anything Else: Could you do this art scene as realistic as you can. The pose I want to do is dance_hands_up_loop!
Thank You! I hope you succeed at making my request!

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I would also like to know the estimated time I will receive this.:relaxed:

There are four people in front of you so about a day or two.

Okay! Thank You!

It might take a while to load considering there is so many characters😂
Also, could the episode background be black? And can the character Denise be sat on the ‘e’ of the ‘I got feels…’ looking down on the character psycho.

The story title is ‘I got feels…’ can you please put that where the episode sign is? Also where they put the extra writing could you please put ‘by Darce’?

My username is just ‘Darce’.

I don’t really have a description of the story yet but it’s a comedy about a bunch of feelings in a kid called August’s head and their adventures.

The size can be whatever size is fit for a cover on Episode.


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DONE :kissing_cat:

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