Lana Cover Art & Special Art Scene And More Creator (INK ONLY) CLOSED BUT WILL BE BACK!

Thanks so much

How do you want me to credit it?

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Is this an in story cover like do you want a loading screen type background 640x1136 or is it a story cover?

It’s a art scene

Nope sorry that wasnt for you I meant to send that to darce.

Is this an in story cover like do you want a loading screen type background 640x1136 or is it a story cover?

Oh okay :sweat_smile:

It’s a story cover. Where they put the episode logo could you put the story title instead(I got feels…)? And if you could put it in the same font that would be great but it’s fine if you can’t. And also can the background be black instead of white? Thanks.

Is it a Small 420x580 cover or a large 966x642 cover?

I’m not so sure, which one do you think would be better for a story cover?

Sorry if I’m being a bit annoying😂

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Large because its more room to work with. I make all these covers from the ground up.

No its ok.

So you want itt to look exactly like your picture (excluding the extra word.) With you’re name inn the middle

Yes that’s perfect

Yours might take a little longer.

episode name: Beau10
Story title: Lost & Found
Story description: Hailey a 17 year old in high school looses the one she loves most. Now lost and living with her grandma the truth comes out. The father she thought died when she was a baby is still out there and now has the title of the most feared man in NY. With the help of Jace Keaton a closed off bad boy from her school she not only searches for her father but finds a person she never knew existed that along with Jace will pull her out of the dark place she fell into.

cover size: large 966x642
Details: I would just like the title and author (Beau) in the top left. I will attach a photo of the characters where I would like in the background and how I would like them to look and another of just the background. In the edit I would like the guy to be smirking and looking down at the girl whilst having his left hand on her waist and his right on her chest holding the heart necklace. And for the girl I would like her to be biting her lip also smiling a bit. with very bright green eyes.

If you need anything else just let me know or have any ideas to make it better that’d be perfect! And could you let me know if you can do this just so I know and am not waiting for something that’s not happening lol! thank you so very much and I will make sure to give you credit!

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