Lana's Art Theme Contest

Hey guys. So let’s have some fun. There will be no prizes. Just vote on the best art or edit that fits the theme. So, if you would like to join. Just submit your edit in the chat below. Everyone can enter, but we’ll have to limit the number of entries. So it would be at least 10 people that can enter. Don’t worry, for those who would like to enter, you will get a chance at the next round. This contest will be judged by votes. So the edits/art that has the highest to the lowest will be announced.

So, let’s give it a try.

ROUND 1: The theme is PIRATE.
(Please use public domain backgrounds, in your edits or art and only 10 people can enter this round. Be creative, have fun, and go for it! Once 10 entries are submitted in the chat, then we can process with voting. I’ll also tag 10 people who participated in a round so others can join and have fun. :slight_smile:


bumping just to keep this active until anyone joins. :open_book:

Not the best :sweat_smile:


:0 FIRST CONTESTANT! Also, it’s great! Everyone starts off somewhere!

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Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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