Lana's Free Fantasy/Other Backgrounds Thread


I NEED SOME MORE FANTASY IDEAS! Tag ppl to help if you want. :wink: MY MIND IS SOOOOO BLOWING UP WITH MORE FANTASY!!!:sunglasses::heart_eyes::drooling_face:



Fantasy BACKGROUND ideas. Like let’s say a Fantasy Village. That is a fantay idea. OH! I JUST TOOK IT RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH!

A VILLAGE! :heart_eyes:

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Background Idea List:

  1. Village

  2. Witch Bedroom

  3. Witch Broom Room

  4. Castle Kitchen

  5. Castle Gateway

  6. Castle Garden

  7. Castle Dining Room

whistles while writing

  1. Werewolf Bedroom

  2. Sorcery Classroom

  3. Castle Ballroom

  4. Witch Living Room

  5. Witch Potion Room

  6. Snow kingdom!

14.Mystic Forest,

  1. Fairy Village,

  2. Ivory Tower,

  3. Magic School lab


A werewolf bedroom

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Gasp. writes on list

Sorcery classroom?


gasp! ohhhhh writes down on list

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Mystic Forest, fairy village, ivory tower, tree of doom… moon kingdom?! :joy::joy::tipping_hand_woman:t3:‍♀

Oooh what if you took the African Savannah (house’s/tree) and revamped them…


Snow kingdom!


what?! :joy: :joy: :joy:


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Now, some of the ideas are dependable by the png images that I will be using off a, and backgrounds as well. So, I will see if the idea is there depending on png images and backgrounds from pixabay.

Duh Sailor Moon worlds!! :joy::joy::heart_eyes::sparkles::crescent_moon::rose::sparkling_heart:

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School lab for magic wielding students (lol like a science lab for teenagers, but more fantasy-y)

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good idea! XD

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Crystal Castle?! Lake Osais in Mystic Forest?! :joy:

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dang gurl, u got a lot of ideas on your sleeve. :joy:

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:joy::joy::joy:I love fantasy I’d rather live in a fantasy world because then I could have magic!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sparkles:


Gimme A HIGH FIVE!!! :raised_hand:t3:


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Oooh what about Atlantis?! Or volcanic village tribe?! Ooorrrr AZTEC?!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy: omg I should stop… :speak_no_evil:

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