Lana's Request Thread *CLOSED TO CATCH UP*

FINAL, FINAL I SWEAR Hey Lana, this is for my story cover for A Fantasy Reality: Could someone make my first story cover? most of the details i’ve already given you are there but I would like to add and change the following: firstly to simplify a little and make it easier for you I actually want 3 characters on the cover her are their details:

the girl in the middle:
SKIN: Light
FACE: Soft Heart
HAIR: Long Feathered (Fawn)
BROWS: Medium Curved
EYES: Round Bold (Dark Blue/Cyan but on episode, for some reason, its called black)
NOSE: Sneer
LIPS: Classic (Bordeaux)

the guy to the left:
SKIN: Light
FACE: Defined Triangle
HAIR: Spiked Up Hair (Black)
BROWS: Medium Sharp
EYES: Deepset Piercing (Green)
NOSE: Button
LIPS: Uneven (Blush)

Guy to the right:
FACE: Defined Triangle
HAIR: Short Cropped Hair (Black)
BROWS: Bushy Wide
EYES: Round Gentle (Auburn)
NOSE: Broad
LIPS: Smirk (Mocha)

I would like the my characters just like this but the one on the left wearing a red winter jacket and the one on the right wearing the black sweater outfit, I would like to change what he girl is wearing to: white maternity polo , blue high waisted pants, the background I don’t mind, whatever fits the edit, also I would like the two boys’ hands, instead of being on their hips to be on her stomach, not touching each others hands though (her being pregnant of course) . I hope this is ok!! If I have left anything out then just tell me! :heart::heart::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Also with my story name: A Fantasy Reality
as well as ‘By @epi_sunny

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