**Language Exchange Chat**

Heyyyyy!!! I made sure if there was any other language exchange chats, but they’re all closed. So, I think that means that I can create this! :slightly_smiling_face:

So…I’m interested in ALL the languages people know on here! Write it down below, and write some sentences in that language! I love, love, love languages!!! Currently, I’m learning Japanese (I only know Hiragana, haha), and I know Russian (it’s my first language.) In addition, I’m learning Spanish in school. If I could, I’d want to know them ALL!

Oh yeah, I’m also learning how to write in Arabic, so that’s fun!

Here’s some sentences of the languages I just mentioned:
Japanese: Kon’nichiwa, watashinonamaeha (こんにちは、わたしのなまえは) Hello, my name is…
Russian: Привет. Меня зовут Брилл. Если ты скопируешь эти предложение в Гоогл, тогда там будет несколько ошибок. (Может быть.) Hi. My name is Brill. If you’ll put these sentences in Google, then there will be mistakes. (Maybe.)
Spanish: ¡Hola! Yo estaba aprendiendo español durante tres años, y todavía estoy aprendiendo. Hello! I was learning Spanish for three years, and I’m still learning.
Arabic: Don’t know any yet…I still need to learn more…



Omg yasss Arabic!

Lmao كيف الحالل (how are you?)
اٍل أربي ضعيف اندي ( my Arabic ain’t that strong idek if I wrote that right :nerd_face:)

I only know basic French :joy: Bonjour, Je m’appelle Alana, como tu t’appelle? (Hi, my name is Alana, what’s your name?) Idk if I said that right

Thanks, also what did you try to write in the second sentence? :thinking:

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I study French, Latin, Dutch and English


French: Salut Brill! Mon mom est Kendall, Je suis stupide et amusant, J’aime manger, nager et regarder la télè
English: Hi Brill! My name is Kendall, I am stupid and funny, I like food, swimming and watching t.v.


:joy: I wrote that my Arabic ain’t strong :nerd_face:

@Cheshire.Cat @PropertyofNae Ay, nice French you both got there! xd


Oh dammit, I’m dumb, I read the stuff in the parenthesis too fast. Thanks.

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:joy: haha np

Salut @BrillzGirl! Comment t’appelles tu? Je m’appelle Milky Way parce que JE SUIS LE MILKY WAY!!! Comment ca va? Moi, je suis fatigue. Aujourd’hui, je fais du jogging apres l’ecole. Whoever knows how to speak French, I didn’t learn past tense or future tense in school lol.

Hi @BrillzGirl! What is your name? My name is Milky Way because I AM THE MILKY WAY! How are you? I am tired. Today, I did running after school,


Filipino: Kumusta ka? Ako si Irish at isa akong alien na naninirahan sa Mars, lagi akong natutulog at kumakain.

English: How are you? My name is irish and I’m an alien that lives in Mars. I always sleep and eat.

Yeah, tagalog has some long words… :upside_down_face:

I can speak English, French and a little bit of Sinhala :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

dId someone call me? Oh wait! HI TWIN!!! Bueno Dias! mi amiga! (Good Morning/Good Day my friend.)

I speak a little Spanish.

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Well I speak English being my first language :rofl::joy:

I’m learning German, Italian, I want to learn spanish and japanese

Vittu saatana, ampukaa itsenne.

Mera naam hai -----
My name is ---- (fill in the rest)

I’m learning French and i’m interested in Spanish, Italian and Japanese :wink:

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