Language Exchange


I speak a bit of Twi like basic phrases and sentences. i wish i could speak fluently. anyone here offering lessons? :cry:


My native language is Danish so obviously I speak it fluently, lol. I’m pretty much fluent in English too, and I’m pretty decent at German.


I know a bit of Spanish. My favorite word is perra!


Slovak is my first language but I also speak/write fluently in Czech, English and I’m learning German. :woman_shrugging:


I speak English fluently as I am born In London but I really want to learn Turkish and Filipino as that’s where I’m from.


I speak Sylethi Bangla haha! I cannot read or write it though :laughing:


I just noticed you’re in London too lol


Yep, I am haha! Love how it is hot today but was raining last week -_-


For reallll! School is starting soon :expressionless:


:sob: NOOO!