Language Exchange

AHH woah, I’m learning Japanese at school as well hehe
I started a few weeks ago so I’m pretty clueless :woman_shrugging:

Guess I’ll join in. My first language is English, and my parents could’ve taught me Spanish when I was little but nooooooo! (I’m not bitter at all) I can speak Pig Latin, (does that count?) and I can read and sometimes translate actual Latin.

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My first language is German. At school I learn English and I love it since then :P. I’m also learning French and Italian there. :slight_smile:

@SillyCupcake22233 @EliseC @Dara.Amarie @Qamar_J_S @Queen_Faith @Kittenlove If any of you guys needs help with Spanish or has any kind of question, don’t hesitate to ask me, it’s my native language and my major requires me to be very knowledgeable in its grammar.

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You know Latin? That’s amazing! I want to begin taking Latin classes once I’m done with Ancient Greek

What a great idea!
My frist language is Danish. But other than that, im learning German and of course English :slight_smile:

I am also learning Latin at school.

That is so cool! I wish I had the chance to lear Latin in School

What do you learn in school

I had English classes for most of my school years, but they were pretty crappy so I had to learn the language by myself.

I’ll probably take up on this offer sometime :slight_smile: :wink:

I speak German, Englisch, French and now I’m learning Chinese at school.

That is beyond sweet of you! :grin:

I speak and understand Dutch, English, and French.
I’m learning German at school and next year Spanish.
so if you ever need a translation, here I am :innocent:

Yeah. It been a required subject for me for the last 5ish years.

@xTyra @WriterY You guys know so many languages, I’m jealous!

@Qamar_J_S it’s nothing, I’m just a language enthusiast haha

@Kittenlove I’m jealous! That sounds amazing

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It is pretty fun. Especially the Latin Conventions.

How are they like?

We go to a school, and there are 3 categories. Acedemic, Art, and Olimpka.

Acedemic is the required testing portion, where you can pick 1 or 2 tests, along with a required Pentathlon test to access how far we are in Latin. I took Mythology and Reading Comp this year, and placed in both. That’s the boring part where we sit in a room for 2 1/2 hours.

Arts: Art, a play, or costume contests. You have to either do this or the Olimpika.

Olimpika: Track and field pretty much.

It was really fun overall, and we got there around 8:00 AM and stayed till 5:30 PM. This was the Area Convention. They had stuff for us to do in our free time, and we wandered about the school a bit. I’m going to the State Convention sometime, and it’s overnight, so I’m hyped for that. It’s really fun.

That sounds super cool! I wish we had something similar in here (but then again, people barely know our language, I don’t think many of us could handle Latin)