LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR: Anyone speak Italian/Spanish or are fluent?

Hey everyone!

For my story, ‘The Rosiria Twins’, I need 2 people that speak Italian and Spanish. I wanted someone who is fluent in the language, it doesn’t have to be your native language, but I didn’t want to use Google Translate.

If anyone is interested here are some things abt my story to help you get a grasp on what you’ll be translating!


You and your family just moved from LA to Las Vegas. But you have a secret, you are the most feared Mafia gang in the country. Your family is apart of the Mexican Mafia and you and your sister are fighting to be heir of the Mafia. Since you and your sister are both twins and were born at the same time, your father wants to give you both a fair chance to prove yourselves worthy to be heir. Your father says whoever can take down the Italian Mafia, and kill their heir, will become the new leader of the Mexican Mafia.

Soon you met Dex Young, a charming 18 year old that you and your sister are both head over heels for. But Dex has a secret, he’s the heir to the Italian Mafia - the person you must kill.

Will you and Dex be able to keep your secret from each other, or will your true identities show? Will you be able to kill Dex? Or will you fall for his charm?

Style of Story

The style of this story is in Ink


Valentina - MC (you)
Dex MC (love interest)
Martina (twin sister)
Jared (Dex’s best friend)
Diego (ex-love interest/current crush)

*more characters coming soon !

Character Cards

I haven’t made character cards what but I will be soon! :heartbeat:


Romance, Mystery, and Action

Who will be speaking what language?

Dex - Mainly English, but Italian sometimes
Valentina - Mainly English, but Spanish sometimes

IMPORTANT :bangbang: :bangbang:

Even if uu don’t speak Italian or Spanish fluently, I would really appreciate it if uu could give me thoughts on my story!

ALSO!! I wanted some help with the cultures also! :heartbeat:

Maybe things to add to the plot or things that I could add! Or if uu could just say that uu like the story that would be great too! :two_hearts:

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@syddstories I am fluent in Italian and I can also help with the storyline and plot…

We’d be happy to help you! :relaxed:


thank you so much! that would be great, could you pm me pls! :heartbeat:

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yes! i had a lot of questions about Italian culture, so i’ll definitely be checking uu guys out! :two_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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hey! suree I can help you in Spanish :D.

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thank you so much! could uu pm me plsss? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

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bump! :heartbeat:

Im fluent in Spanish, I gotchu girl my ig is auri.episode

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No amoo la storia è di Mafiaaa


Ho visto dopo :eyes::sleepy:

Aiuto :joy:
Ragazze stahp

im sorryyy :sleepy:

If you still need help with Spanish I’ll be glad to help!

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yes! i don’t have any things in particular yet that i needed translated in Spanish, but can you pm me so when i’m ready i can ask you to translate? :revolving_hearts:

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