Lapiz’s Outline Contest!


Hey, I’m aware that I have another contest running currently but it’s not cancelled. Anyway, I tried to do an outline and thought it was pretty cool, so I decided to make a contest with it! I’m not in need of any judges!


1st place:
a free edit/cover/art scene/pfp
Shoutout on my insta
Follow on social media of their choice
Story promotion
Permanently on story on insta

2nd place:
Shoutout on insta
A free edit/art scene/cover/pfp
Permanently on story on insta

3rd place:
Episode follow
Permanently on story on insta

  1. Don’t steal other peoples’ work or else you’ll be disqualified.
  2. No hate speech or anything that can be hurtful.
  3. Be creative!
  4. Enjoy it!

You can add anything you’d like to the outline so feel free to experiment wildly!


See you soon!

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My team will enter


Good luck!




Here’s my entry : Untitled5 This is my first ever outline artwork ever and I’m honestly pretty happy with it ^°^ Good luck to everyone entering!


Gorgeous! But if you’re entering, please use my one. It’s beautiful tho :heart_eyes:


Oh sorry :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Haha no problem :joy: it happens all the time don’t worry :wink:


Nah, I’m just a dummy :joy:


Okay, finally done with what I was supposed to do xD


What have I done? lmao


I will enter but I have a question. can i edit stuff about it or does it have to look like the original but colored in


Here is my outline i changed a few things about it i hope you don’t mind :smiley:


probably not entering…

bUt tHAT OUTLINE IS sO good wowie


Why not?


I don’t have access to a computer rn
vacation time


Awe that sucks it would have been fun to have compete against someone But Just For Fun :smiley:


Good luck with your entry ! ! :dizzy:


You can do whatever you like with it!




It’s accepted!