Lapiz’s Profile Picture shop! *CLOSED*

Hey guys, this is my profile picture shop for people who are bored of their current one or want an upgrade!


  • Do not claim my work as your own or change and say it’s yours just because you made changes.

  • Give me a detailed description of what you would like (don’t be too vague yet don’t be too detailed.)

  • Don’t rush me otherwise your work will be rushed and it won’t be up to its potential.

  • Otherwise, have fun with your profile picture!

  • Don’t ask for drastic changes after I finish with your pfp, it will be declined.

Request form!

Char details -
Animation -
Makeup? (I’m new to eyeshadow so idk if it will turn out good or not) AKA: glow, contour, etc. -
Nails? What colour? -
Outline? What colour? Poofy outline or regular? (an example of those below) -
Sparkles? What colour? -
Background? (I would recommend a solid colour rather than an episode background because then it won’t be too distracting) -

NEW ART STYLE:arrow_down:


I now do drawn pieces of art! I charge £1 or $1 with PayPal since it takes a lot of time to do. Pm me if interested!
Here are examples of what it might look something like:

Examples of my work:

Poofy outline

Regular outline:

No outline:

And that’s all! To request one, fill in the form! Byeeeee :sparkling_heart: <33



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Do u have any ink examples? Also, your work looks great!

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No, I’m sorry but I can try for you if you like? I’m sure it won’t be too hard :sweat_smile:

The tutorials I use are for ink but I use it on LL anyways so I’m pretty sure it won’t be too difficult. :slight_smile:

M’kay, i’ll send the character details in a sec!

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Okay! I’ll get working right away!

Name/username - Hailey M.
Animation - idle_happy
Makeup - highlight, contour, natural eyeshadow
Outline - white regular outline
Background - idk you choose one?
Char details -


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Also, do u know how long it will take? Not that i’m in a rush, take your time!

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I think about 2 hours? That’s how long the examples took me :slight_smile:

Oh, wow, that’s rlly fast! Tysm for doing this for me!

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No problem!

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Hey! I made you two version in case you didn’t like the eyeshadow, :joy: you can tell I’m not the best at eyeshadow lmao

Hope you like them! If you want any changes, feel free to tell me.

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Just to double check, do u mean you want the flowers to be white as well?

Omigodddd!! It’s looks amazing wtffff I love it soooo much. Tysmmmm!

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Oh ok, I’ll get started!

Haha I’m glad you like it!

Sure just explain what kind of nose ring and colour.

Do u have insta?

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