Lapiz’s Profile Picture shop! *CLOSED*


Hey guys, this is my profile picture shop for people who are bored of their current one or want an upgrade!


  • Do not claim my work as your own or change and say it’s yours just because you made changes.

  • Give me a detailed description of what you would like (don’t be too vague yet don’t be too detailed.)

  • Don’t rush me otherwise your work will be rushed and it won’t be up to its potential.

  • Otherwise, have fun with your profile picture!

  • Don’t ask for drastic changes after I finish with your pfp, it will be declined.

Request form!

Char details -
Animation -
Makeup? (I’m new to eyeshadow so idk if it will turn out good or not) AKA: glow, contour, etc. -
Nails? What colour? -
Outline? What colour? Poofy outline or regular? (an example of those below) -
Sparkles? What colour? -
Background? (I would recommend a solid colour rather than an episode background because then it won’t be too distracting) -

NEW ART STYLE:arrow_down:


I now do drawn pieces of art! I charge £1 or $1 with PayPal since it takes a lot of time to do. Pm me if interested!
Here are examples of what it might look something like:

Examples of my work:

Poofy outline

Regular outline:

No outline:

And that’s all! To request one, fill in the form! Byeeeee :sparkling_heart: <33

Lapiz's Art Requests *CLOSED*
Lapiz's Art Requests *CLOSED*



Do u have any ink examples? Also, your work looks great!


No, I’m sorry but I can try for you if you like? I’m sure it won’t be too hard :sweat_smile:


The tutorials I use are for ink but I use it on LL anyways so I’m pretty sure it won’t be too difficult. :slight_smile:


M’kay, i’ll send the character details in a sec!


Okay! I’ll get working right away!


Name/username - Hailey M.
Animation - idle_happy
Makeup - highlight, contour, natural eyeshadow
Outline - white regular outline
Background - idk you choose one?
Char details -



Also, do u know how long it will take? Not that i’m in a rush, take your time!


I think about 2 hours? That’s how long the examples took me :slight_smile:


Oh, wow, that’s rlly fast! Tysm for doing this for me!


No problem!


can you do everything like yours but the shirt is white and the flower and what’s around the character is pink, and the background color is peach.




thanks ! :heart:


Hey! I made you two version in case you didn’t like the eyeshadow, :joy: you can tell I’m not the best at eyeshadow lmao

Hope you like them! If you want any changes, feel free to tell me.


Just to double check, do u mean you want the flowers to be white as well?


no the flowers pink :smiley:


Omigodddd!! It’s looks amazing wtffff I love it soooo much. Tysmmmm!


Oh ok, I’ll get started!