Lapiz's Art Requests *CLOSED*


Hey guys. I’m accepting Ink/Limelight art requests for splashes, character edits and, of course, small and large covers! For a request, please tell me what style it’s in and tell me the characters: mouth, mouth colour, nose, eye shape, eye colour, eyebrows, eyebrow colour (if Limelight), skin tone, hair, face shape, hair colour, make up (optional), and gender. Then, please send me either a pic or list of the characters outfit, or you can ask for clothes that I draw (as seen on the pictures below) just give me a detailed description of what you would like. Lastly, tell me what you want the background to be, where the character is standing and what it’s doing. If you would like, you can also tell me to add a text of your choice.


I need art scenes (The Genie)
I Need Cover Art! ♥



Can I request one?




Can you do custom poses?


Yeah, I think so


Can I have this character have this pose but this face?





Yeah, it shouldn’t be too hard. Now all you need to do is give me the rest of the details and it should be done by later today!


Skin color: Light
Face shape: Oval
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Eyes: Upturned Bold Purple
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Classic Blush
Hair: Beach Wave Hair (CHESTNUT)

Outfit: You can decide

what else do you need?


The theme, where’s she’s standing, title and author name.


The theme is sad
She standing on the center
Title: To be honest I havent figured it out yet
Author name: AmyAn25


If you could choose a title name, that would be great. If not then I can make one without the title and add it later on. Also, I forgot to ask, would you like me to make the small cover or large one?


Small one


Which font? (Just say one, two, three etc.)

Also, have any colour in mind?


3 please, black would be fine and the title is Cyber Love :blush:


@BlueMoonWolf what do you use to make these kinds of edits? if you would answer this question it would reaaallly help improving my artwork!


I use procreate! It takes a little time to adjust to all the tools and stuff but it’s really useful! <33


Aah okay thanks


:heart: I cant wait for the final product!


Please can I request?