Laptop, how many gb of ram?

How many gb of ram do I need for a laptop? Writing stories for episode.

Hmm… idk but what laptop do you have?

@Antoinette1 Well, you typically don’t want anything below 8 GB. Anything below 8 GB is cheaper of course, but the cheaper price doesn’t outweigh the benefits. 8 gigs is the sweet spot when it comes to RAM and is quite affordable because it’s what most laptop owners have. It will perform and handle the job well for basic tasks, and in your case, such as writing stories for Episode and web browsing and give you just a little bit more in case you want to do other stuff (light games, etc.)

Unless you’re going to be using your laptop for anything that demands more RAM (16 GB, 32 GB, etc.) such as heavy gaming, video editing or professional work, you’ll be fine with 8 GB of RAM.

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